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  • She needs to go big time

  • Maxine Waters is unhinged and needs to be expelled from her Congressional Position as Margorie Taylor Green, Republican Representative from Georgia and others have requested. Waters should also be investigated for inciting a riot and jailed if found guilty not to mention going against her Constitutional Oath of office and being totally ignorant!!!! She is what some would refer to as a typical Black Woman! We need more patriotic and honest upstanding Judges like this gentleman in our courtrooms.

  • WAY TO GO mouth change feet........she deserves reperrations....a ONE WAY TICKET TO AFRICA!

    out out damed loud mouthed trouble maker!!!!!!!

  • Waters must be shipped back to Africa so she will be happy since she hates living in America!!

    • Yep yesterday.

  • Waters is out of control.Republican legislators must move and put her where other conservatives had to stand..


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