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A federal judge on March 18 blocked a Washington, D.C., law that allowed children in the nation’s capital to receive a vaccine without parental consent.

The parents who sued over the law appear likely to succeed in proving claims that the law violates federal statutes and will be irreparably harmed if a preliminary injunction weren’t entered, U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden wrote in a 38-page opinion.

The D.C. Council passed the District’s Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act in 2020. It lets children as young as 11 get a vaccine without permission from their parents.

But the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 mandates health care providers who administer many vaccines provide information on the shots to the legal representative of a child.

Plaintiffs in the case and another similar lawsuit are parents who say their minor children are under pressure to get vaccinated because of a citywide campaign to push vaccinations, including giving incentives like gift cards to people who get a jab and the placement of clinics that will inject the children in some schools, with other clinics near schools.

The child of Joshua Mazer, one of the plaintiffs, visited a doctor’s office in the city without her parents and asked to get a vaccine, according to the motion for a preliminary injunction. The child confirmed her parents were not aware of the request. The office did not check the girl’s medical history or prior reactions to a vaccine and also did not provide any vaccine information, according to the filing; instead, workers convinced the girl to get two other shots as well.

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  • It is time for Parents to speak up. When I was a child we were taught to respect our parents & grandparents. Not now it seems the government has the control not the parents.

  • "This is an blatant overreach of government and takes the rights of the parents away. What is with these people not wanting Parents to make medical decisions for their own children?"

    It isn't just the medical decisions that they want to take away, they want to take all decisions away from the parents...

  • Good, but you know this decision is only going to be appealed.  The parents. and the parents alone, should be making the decisions for their children. Not the government or judiciary.

  • The Dr. that Treated President Trump calls the Spike Protean Fake COVID Jab a Death Jab. Says 80% of those that get it will be dead in 2 to 3 years and giving it to Children will be Child Sacrifice.

    • Many doctors know and speak the truth......but it isn't without consequences!

    • The ones that mandated the Death Jab should be the ones facing the Consequences


  • "A federal judge on March 18 blocked a Washington, D.C., law that allowed children in the nation’s capital to receive a vaccine without parental consent." To all you "medical types who support innoculating" a child with an  EUA drug without consent of parents and/or gurrdians: Let's "put the shoe" on the other foot. We would like to sign you up for the next drug trial without asking you first, by just picking your name off a list. Would you object, complain or believe that you should have been consulted and asked to "volunteer"???? Think for a minute and please give us your answer.

  • What a bunch of idiots the Supreme Court passed the law that minors could not be sentenced to death no matter how awful the crime was because their brain was not fully developed to know of what they were doing yet an 11 year old kid knows all about the vaccine 

    • Whatever fits the agenda!

  • That should be a given, the parents not the school makes that touch my child and you lose that hand! 

    They used to line us up in the classroom under communism and give us our shots, our parent found out when we got home and told them. Luckily back then they were the basic, measles, polio, TB and such.

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