• fox is rapidly moving to fake news propaganda!!!!!!!!!!


  • I never watch Fox anymore because of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, and other worthless bastards.

    • Cal, Bob, Jeff, I turned Fox off too, how long do you think they can hang on losing folks like us ?

    • The rest of the fake not news networks have lost most of their audiences but go on because satanic corporate bigwigs still shovel money to satan's mouthpieces!!!!!!!!!!

    • maybe never it will still be going on just like CNN and the rest of the Communist news network.

    • I watch Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson but nothing else!!!!!!!!!!


  • Juan must have been on another planet if he did not witness the anarchy, looting, vandalism, and yes burning all summer and early fall last year. Of course if he watches only CNN and MSNBC he would not have witnessed it; because they refused to broadcast it. I know that, because I purposely tuned in to them while watching it live on Fox every night. They confirmed my suspicion, and President Trumps' "Fake News" description of them. They and the millions of citizens who watch only them, is the reason this nation is divided and on the brink of ruin at levels not existIng since the Civil War ended in 1865. Together we stand, divided we fall. Our adversaries are joyful.

  • Hasn't he always been this ignorant?

  • He is an ignorant talking head and tool of the socialist. His opinion isn't worth doodoo.

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