• Fellow Patriots, I'm still furious that the following legitimate and crucial question I sent to Fox News to have Chris Wallace ask Joe during the first debate, did not get asked: "One of the most critical and necessary questions for Presidential Candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and also Senators Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi follows: "Orchestrating security, safety, and law and order are government officials first obligatory priorities. In what way does/would harboring federal law-breakers (illegal immigrants) in so called "Sanctuary Cities"; open borders whereby hordes of criminals and terrorists could enter this country unabated; and deactivation of the Immigration Control Enforcement agency and Police Departments contribute to optimum realization of those obligatory priorities"?  If that question had been asked, it would have been a difficult decision for President Biden to have stopped construction of the wall and reversed other common sense policy against illegal immigration that President Trump put in place. We still deserve an answer to that question; but who is to ask it? Unfortunately, Mike Wallace and Tim Russert are no longer with us; because it would have already been asked. 

  •  To all who denounce Fox News for having Juan Williams as a regular Democratic Party spokesperson appearing on its programs, I respectfully urge you to rethink it for the following reason: By having him as the party's spokesman; every time he opens his mouth, he validates its egregious vileness to viewers, On the other hand, other networks never have Republican spokes persons regularly appearing on their shows; because they don't want their viewers to hear facts about that vileness. That's why this nation is now divided at a level not existing since the Civil War ended in 1865. 

    • Thank you Ozell for stating the obvious.  I can't stand Williams, but there are several other people of The Five who ususally put him in his place.  Not that he ever listens.  One of the things I dislike most about him is that he ususally starts his comments with "I think" but it is clear that he does not.  I still watch Fox quite a bit because I like Tucker, Hannity and Laura Ingraham.  Not during the day so much because I am usually working during those time. 

      There are people like Williams and Wallace I definately dislike and ususally turn them off. 

    • you are correct on this one but on the other hand where FOX News now? it will never change.

  • Juan Williams is the MOST ungrateful and ignorant person on Fox News!  He is completely disconnected from reality!

  • You watching too much liberal tv Juan !!

  • They really think we are STUPID and cannot see what is going on. Saw a report that they are planning violence on May 1st. The American people have to stop just listening to the candidates. DO your research and that includes checking to see where their campaign $$$ are coming from. 

  • William is just another socialist with no brains just another idiot control by the socialist government 

    • the Democrats are being control by the Devil himself because the Devil is a liar that's the reason why Jesus Christ said the father of lies is the Devil.



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