• Looks like an honest group of human loving people of color with true representation of We the People. Super race haters looking for revenge.

  • It is very regretable to see a majority of our black citizens having such an "inferiority complex" that will not allow them to blend into our civil society.

    they just want to rack the benefits our society offer but refuse to abide to our laws and regulations.

  • This womans mind is so blinded by satan she couldn't see the truth if it hit her in the face

  • another sub-human intelligence individual who doess not even know how to spell Truth or Justice. I heard this women has a college degree from harvard (non capitalization intentional - giving Joy Reid a degree indicates they are not a true institution of higher education).  This should be a warning to any parent thinking they are going to send their child to harvard should think at least twice.  The only way this person (reid) would have gotten through school would be by servicing her professors (both male and female) or maybe bribery.

  • I am so sick of the black crap, it gets old real fast when they misuse a situation and shove it your face until you are ready to vomit. 
    They need to be held responsible for their words, their position and influence on the wo4ld around them should place some limitations of what they are saying, not allow them to flat out lie!

  • Wonder if she knows how many blacks worked as "slave catchers"?

  • if she's claiming that she's a slave then she's a well paid slave and i hope that she has paid her taxes

    • Don't count on it (her paying taxes)!


  • Ms. Reid--Before you open your mouth--learn the facts first.   What in the world are you talking about "Slave Catchers"??  It was a WHITE BOY who was being beated and threatened by 3 WHITE MEN.  Where in this trial were any blacks involved?? When you say what you've said you look like a fool.  

    • Everytime she opens her mouth she looks like a fool.  Because that is exactly what she is!


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