• Race haters in overdrive. Thier inner self is on full display. They are true White person haters and the face of race hate in America.

  • "Facts" have NOT mattered to the lamestream media propaganda machine, since the beginning of the Vietnam War, in 1961; about the same time the democrat party was "bought out" by CPISA (communist party USA) and they have remained delusional (untruthful) ever since.

  • Resperidone may be helpful for her kind of paranoid psychosis.

    Pill Imprint 93 221 (Risperidone 0.25 mg)

  • Slave Catchers? How odd? Rittenhouse doesn't appear to have any African American Background in him, and as History proves "All Slaves coming out of Africa for 2,000+ years were captured and sold by Tribal Africans capturing other Tribal Africans. First selling their own kind within their Continent then expanding their sales to Asia, India and the Middle East. Latter to the Portuguese and Spanish followed by the English, Dutch and French. They were never particular to whom they sold, just the " Highest Bidder." Keeping in mind that the traights of the captured which allowed them to be harvested, followed the generations to New Lands to continue to breed the weaknesses in the DNAs. Perhaps the reason behind resistance to forgive, assimilate and blossom as a people may not lay in the Governments Programs of Placating.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Reid is nothing but a POS and that;s the bottom line!

  • The fact that you notice it was 3 white men shot by a white man just shows you aren't tracking very well.  The pertinent facts are these:  we are black thugs and any excuse at all empowers us since you are weak and afraid and therefore, you need to break us off a bigger piece.  We get whatever it is we want because we will huff and puff and Mau Mau in the streets and until we do.  Failing all that and gorilla stupid voices such as Joy Reid making whatever absurd, nonsensical claims to get us what we want, we will then revert to the streets, violence, rioting, burning and looting while your own politiclal leadershop coddles us, protects us, and pretends we have legitimate demands. 

    And then, there is the world according to Lopez.  Leave a couple dozen dead the first day and be prepared to leave a couple hundred dead, if they come back at you and that problem will go away until your first born produces grandchildren.  Weakness breeds contempt.  Remove all elected officials immediately to include the police chief.  Forget about justice and concentrate on restoring order.

    • But on that day those 3 white men "identified" as black...  That means that Kyle killed 2 and injured 1 black men.  At least it does to the racists like reid.

  • She should go after Bill Gates for using Nigira children as Guines Pigs 

  • Joy Reid says the Rittenhouse Acquittal Traces Cack to Slave Catchers. She must admit that she is a Bigot and racist who wishes she were White. Isn't it great that maybe America is coming back to life with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?  Scum Bag go back down the hole you came out of. Hope you get your ugly ass sued.

  • Maybe if Joy gets those inner tube lips flapping fast enough, they'll beat her to death ..... We can but dream.

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