• Knives don't kill people only guns what a stupid person 

    • You realize their intent is to detroy our police forces and replace them with Antifa and Black Isis thugs to beat us into submission with,right?

      This is a Communist Revolution and the country better wake up and ADMIT IT before it's too late!!


  • The teen was going to stab someone. It's the police officer's job to protect life. I’d want him to shoot someone who was about to stab me. It won't be long until these idiots are asking not to be charged for their crimes and not to allow police officers to arrest us and tell us what we can and can't do. the police profession for hiring is down to 92%. People don’t want to be a Police officer anymore. The Wild West will be back!! We let stupid people tell us what's best, that's the problem!!

  • joyless reid is a satanic racist hack!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's the new "Sane"!!!

  • "Joy Reid: Knife Fights Happen All The Time And People Survive"

    Maybe this goes without saying, but

    why does Joy Reid assume her personal daily life experiences with violent brutality

    has a universal perspective?

    Black on black violence is most pervasive, as racially defined.

  • Joyless Weed (isspelling intentional) is not completely sane (maybe much more than not completely).  The police officerdid exactly the right thing or there might have been an innocent victim.  The knife weilder was not an innocent victim - she was an unthinking, uncaring, dishonest person intent on MURDER.  I am not certain when it became okay for people to weild weapons; it certainly was not that way when I was growing up (but of course I lived in a more rural community with very few minorities.  I didn't even realize there were people who were not white until I got into high school.  Okay I know I am dating myself.)

    • she should be thanking the officer for saving the unarmed girl but right IS NOT part of the leftist agenda pushed by propagandist hacks like joyless!!!!!!!!!!


    • Maybe if Joy gets attacked with a knife there will be a policeman there to fire a shot in the air like Juan suggest.


    • If I was a cop I would stand there and watch just to make her happy.  a bullet shot into the air comes down and could hurt or kill an innocent person but airheads like joyless NEVER think because they aren't capable of thought, not enough IQ!!!!!!!!!!


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