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Journalists have just given voters a terrific reason to re-elect watch their hilarious angst.  Jeremy Barr in Saturday's Hollywood Reporter has chronicled the whining by the press at the prospect of being forced to cover four more years of Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

It is obvious, though they lamely try to hide it to no avail, that most of the Washington press corps suffers from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome and the idea of continuing to cover Trump for another term has sent them into complete despair. So for many voters, casting their ballots for Trump would be an act of very pleasurable schadenfreude knowing how it would send so many members of the press into a deep, deep depression. 

Barr reveals just how tortuous another four years of Trump could be for much of the press in "Four More 'Exhausting' Years? Trump Reporters Mull Covering a Second Term."

"I don't know anybody who wants to do another four years of this news cycle," a senior CNN producer says. The first year of the Trump presidency was a year of calibration for the nation's top journalists, who learned to keep up with a politician who revels in exhausting the press corps, launching news cycles with early-morning, late night and weekend tweets.

The next two years, 2018 and 2019, were even more exhausting, as journalists scrambled to cover government shutdowns, congressional hearings, a Supreme Court nomination, the president's flirtation with North Korea, the Mueller Report and impeachment.

And who's fault was that? Wasn't it the mainstream media that for two solid years was constantly hyping the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory until the Mueller Report revealed it to be nothing but fake news?

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  • Journalists most certinly can and will handle 4 more years of a President Trump.  It's the Liberal Media that has replaced their Journalist with talking heads and liberal jiberish.  


  • Ahhhhhhh ......... music to my ears.  No more getting acosted, no more Fake News, ahhhh ... life couldn't be better.

  • well then they need to quit and put responsible reporters on the job

    • I agree with you

  • All the more reason to reelect President Trump, and don't fall for Pelosi's scam of mail-in ballots, THAT'S how they plan to steal the election, she is going to try and slip in a rider in the next stimulus bill and demand that all votes be by mail, pray that our President doesn't fall for it.

  • The press corps have as much self realization as a doorknob. They've never said a kind word about President Trump, attacked him at every opportunity, willingly lie about him, and now wonder how it is that their credibility could even be called into question. The lying dastards have earned the mistrust of the President and of the public at large. At this point, if elements of the MSM report something even as basic as the time, I check at least two other sources to be sure they are telling the truth. Individually, there may be some good people in the news business, but collectively they are scum.

    • that's the reason why I will never trust the media which is CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNBC, WGN, and the rest of the communist station.


  • He is the best president we've ever had! The only people who don't like him are liberals who want to control everything but can't control him.


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