• What  incredible BS by both of them

  • TIME TO MAKE THE "LIE'S" by Democrats and Medis BECOME THE TRUTH-!!!

  • They might be able to use this story line once the shooting starts in the civil war that IS coming very soon .....

    • Yes Sir, my very THOUGHT-!!! Let's start Making The LIE'S the TRUTH-!!!

  • Zip it up joe

  • Apparently these DUMB A$$E$ have not noticed that there are thousands of ILLEGALS coming across the border and many with COVID and no masks od tests. Yet we are supposed to obey theier laws. BS

  • This lady must be Commie Zuckerbergs sister! They both look & act alike! The COVERT-19 is a JOKE! The DEMONCRAPS/COMMUNISTS are just trying to "Overthrow" America!! That Gates B.S. serum is KILLING people ALL over the World but the CIA & Deep State are doing what they INTENDED! Lower the Worlds Population!! IT'S WORKING!!

  • it's the other way around OH! boy this government or journalist are dumb as a rock.

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