• She is brilliant one of the best Bull S**T artists in the business. Whatever she says is nonsence. What she doesn't say is the truth.

  • Psaki is a mirror image of Biden; brainless but probably does not have Dementia.  They are totally unqualified for the offices they hold.

  • Did Joe Biden give any thought to the consequences of his supporting the ASG leaving Georgia?

    Trick question. 

    • He probably has not had a thought in several years

  • I wonder if she was born a liar or had to learn how.  I believe devildemocommiecrats are born liars and TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!  If homosexuals "are born that way" then devildemocommiecrats are "born that way-LIARS & TRAITORS"!!!!!!!!!!

  • Everytime she opens her mouth she is lying. 

  • Psaki is a lying demon.  Of course Joe Biden didn't "think" about the economic impact resulting from the ASG leaving Georgia.  Demented Joe Biden can't think.

  • This woman is vile. Feel so sorry for her children. Being raised by a demonic creep!

  • Most ignorant people have the gift of gab, and they use it to lie and obfuscate.

    • I cannot listen to her. Hate the Vally Girl voice.

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