• There are few voices as sincere and elegant as Mr. Voight's ... this in spite of his association with Hollywood.  His love of Country and God is visible for all to admire and examine.  Our best hope is to reelect Pres. Trump... he is the man of the season, the only one standing in the breach in America's hour of need.   God Bless Jon Vaught and Pres. Trump.

    Please share this video with family and friends everywhere.  

  • Everyone who pays attention (like Jon Voight does) knows that Trump is the truth. He is the man of the hour. He needs to be supported no matter what. I look forward to the day when all Americans will see that, when the fake news will no longer be around, when all opposition to Trump will have ceased, when he takes total authority over every corner of the country. Truth, honesty, high morals, and ethics will have their well deserved comeback.

  • I see a lt of righteous comments on this blog, I do my share of commenting on various sites. Along with that is action, I go to RNC meetings. I visit locally in the coffee shops. I call and e-mail the Oklahoma congressional delegation on an almost daily basis. How many of us take the time to do any of that? It only takes a few minutes. That I-phone has become a distraction and is not being used as an information tool. It is being used to controll people. 

  • I pray that GOD will allow Trump 4 more years. But sadly many Americans no longer pay any attention to God.

  • I have to wonder why God would help us now since many of the Republicans supported the policies enacted by the liberals.

  • Well said. 

  • Mr. Jon Voight is and has been right about every political issue for a least the last decade.  Which is and has been totally opposite of the so called Hollywood gang.  Anyone that has been pro TRUMP has paid a price, but I would guess Mr. Voight has paid an extreme price we are not aware of...... as has many others!  IT'S TIME THE EVIL EMPIRE GO DOWN, AND I MEAN DOWN!  IT'S TIME THEY PAY THE APPROPRIATE PRICE!!!!

  • Thank you for your great statement of Support for Donald Trump. 

    God Bless America!!!

    • Agreed

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