• kerry is a satanic TRAITOR who sold his soul and the country to satan many years ago!!!!!  He is nothing but satanic TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kerry is a traitor?...............Seems to be normal behavior from our now turned tyrannical Government therse days. So....what's the problem here?

  • The information Kerry is giving to Iran regarding Israel is in all probability US Classified information... and Kerry's access to and release of such information is likely a serious breach in security and a felony... espionage 

  • He should be tried for treason!!

    • As should ALL devildemocommiecrats!!!!!!!!!!


  • John Kerry is and always been a traitor and low life. He has no business being in any government ( except Iran maybe). He made a career of ratting out everyone and anyone.

  • Kerry needs to drown in his wife's ketchup!!!

  • Kerry is a fool - there is not other way to put it.  A dangerous fool, but a fool nevertheless.

    • Kerry is not a fool, he is a Marxist operative...  everything he does makes perfect sense when taken in that context... Kerry is Anti-America and Anti- Israel.

  • Kerry might find a need of a dose of led poising. A 45 propery placed would do the trick, I would think? He has undermined the Trump foren policy, now he is doing the same to Isreal! Time for this popus ass to leave the world  affers ALONE! He has his head up his ass so far he gone around a full circle.

     But what a wind surfer as I recall  the picture when he worked for Obumer when their was a diaster somewhere in the  world that he felt his vacation was too important to be disturbed?

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