Livonia, Mich — John James, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate released the following statement on Election Day:

“This campaign is not about me, it never has been. It’s about the People of Michigan. Every vote must count, and elections must be fair and honest.

“Fair elections are at the foundation of representative democracy. American citizens deserve to know that the democratic process has not been circumvented by the powerful or politically connected. While not everyone wins in an election, voters must be confident that the election was fair and honest.

“Failure to do so, is the end of democracy.

“I put my life on the line in Iraq– where I flew missions to protect free and fair elections. I care all the more that free and fair elections take place in Michigan– where I was born and raised.

“While Senator Peters is currently ahead, I have deep concerns that millions of Michiganders may have been disenfranchised by a dishonest few who cheat.

“When this process is complete, I will of course accept the results and the will of the people, but at this time there is enough credible evidence to warrant an investigation to ensure that elections were conducted in a transparent, legal and fair manner.

“Those who object likely have something to hide.”

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    • they threatened to leave but all of them are still here.  To the gallows with them!!!!!

    • Can we riot on the False Potus inauguration day like they did? Because Communists just Machine Gun any Dissenters. Antifa and BLM are our new enforcers of law now. They'd love to do it too!


  • as well he shouldn't.  All can now see how "diverse" the devildemocommiecrat party is.  John James isn't on their plantation so they treat him like dirt, a Negro off the plantation!!!!!

  • Sorry, John... it is more than "a dishonest few who cheat."  Thousands are violating the law.  not cheating, They are engaged in criminal conduct and we need to stop calling it cheating.  Kids cheat on their homework, some individuals cheat at cards... election fraud is serious, serious felony fraud.

    The President needs to declare Martial Law... sequester all voting materials and machines... incarcerate and hold all election officials until an investigation into the massive violations of law has been conducted... including MSM management and anchors, who aided and abetted the unlawful conduct... as accessories and co-conspirators in the insurrection and sedition taking place throughout the campaign and Trump Administration. 

    IT is obvious that the local civil authority is incapable of enforcing election and civil rights law and that their police powers and courts are part of the problem, not the solution... therefore Martial law is needed to sort thru the problems associate with the election and other civil authority problems that are being ignored by the existing civil authority.

    • Ron, it is cheating but criminal cheating that should send them to the gallows because they are committing TREASON against the Constitution and We the People not just against Donald Trump!!!!!

    • Bob, if they are against Trump, they are against the Constitution and against We the People. 

  • We NEED Senator James!

    • William, yes we do but the devildemocommiecrats don't want him because "he ain't black", isn't on their plantation saying "yes, massa"!!!!!

  • Spot on.

  • Stick in there, they will crumble when faced with resistance.

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