• It doesn't matter what John Durham does. The Democrats have made corruption institutionalized. Laws don't apply to Democrats. Laws only apply to everyone else.

    No nation can survive with such a dichotomy.

    • National survival isn't the plan.  They are all about betraying and selling out, and, or selling off America, but I guess just about everyone with any brains has already figured all that out.

    • You are so correct

    • Bingo! not only the Democrats some of the Republican too.


  • Blah, blah, blah, the "Slow walk is always the cover up."  Durham is just stage work.

  • HRC hit team has been dispatched.

  • my question is where is prison time for all of those people?

  • Durham is a waste of time and we are all suckers for believing that he would do anything. Another Lucy and the football.

    • Absolutely.  Just like the Arizona audit and hand count.  The outcome is predetermined.  The pot is alowed to simmer and then the gas is shut off.  Anotehr tactic in the strategy of manipulation.  Meanwhile, the tyranny goes on. 

  • So far, another endless infomercial.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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