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Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)  pledged on Tuesday to sell out the American people by trying to advance amnesty for illegal aliens after striking a deal on gun control.

After Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tapped Cornyn to negotiate a deal on gun control, he now promised to move forward on a deal on amnesty.

“First guns, now it’s immigration,” Cornyn told Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA).

“That’s right, we’re going to do it,” said Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). 

Andrew Surabian, a former Donald Trump administration official, said in reaction to Cornyn’s pledge for amesty, “From selling out on gun control to selling out on amnesty in light speed.”

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  • Technically, there is no operative filibuster where threats to remove it results in the failure to use it... Any sitting member of the US Senate who believes capitulation will save the filibuster from removal if it threatens passage of any CRITICAL MARXIST legislation is delusional. The 'D's will remove it if they deem it necessary to retain power.

    Besides, if the 'D's lose the Senate in the Mid-Term Elections they will need the filibuster to derail GOP reform efforts... AND, here's the KICKER... If the filibuster is removed, Mitch will not be able to use the threat of a filibuster to COVER his failure to bring critical reform legislation to the floor.  McConnel will not be able to claim he doesn't have the 60 votes to break a filibuster. Removal of the filibuster leaves Mitch and the RINOs without an excuse for their capitulation to the 'D's on many critical issues... Removal of the filibuster will clear the fog of the propagandist and expose the RINOs for who they are... TROJAN horses in the war for our Nation's soul.

  • This guys are trying to ensure the revolution is somewhere in the future.  I hope they are wrong.  They all need to be put out of office and the sooner the better.  We need real patriots in office.

    • The GOP Primaries are not promising any real change... it appears we will be locked into rule by a cabal of deposits and Marxists.  The people have lost the franchise on their ballots and vote to a corrupt two-party electoral machine. 

  • Sen. Cornhole should be booted out of Congess with the rest of the friggin' RINOS!!

  • he is as worthless as mcconnell, romney, snow, etc

  • Cornyn has always been a TRAITOR, willing to sell We the People out to appease our enemies, the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  Sadly, there are very many more of his ilk!!!!!  There are a few good republicans but they are as hated by the establishment as President Trump and We the People are hated!!!!!  The patriots in both houses of congress are kept at bay by the TRAITORS that control the caucus in both houses of congress!!!!!  They will have to kill me to take my guns, which won't be hard as I am old and very disabled but will fight them with what ability I can muster!!!!!  I would rather be murdered by their Gestapo than live in slavery!!!!!!!!!

  • Cornyn (and all rinos) have to go.  People of Texas you have to get rid of this man.  I realize his term is not up until 2027, but ask yourself this - do you really want this person in Congress?  If you have a recall process, now is the time to use it!

  • People you got to vote this Rinos out of Congress don't let this spineless cowards Republicans represent your state we need strong leaders that put Americans first and not the party.

  • Let's vote these traders out , I for one will not comply with this  Unconstitutional  gun grab .

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