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  • This sort of threatening rhetoric is real and dangerous...  Such demonization of one's opposition is a prelude to Marxist style purges... labeling anyone who opposes their political views.  If taken to its extreme ends such extremism by the Marxist may well create the need for a well-organized defense by those targeted with such slander and demonization... seeing their lives and property are the targets of such a political purge.

    • Brooklyn Joe was looking in his cracked mirror in his Mom's basement when he made that comment. 

    • I was referring to BRENNAN!

  • Brennan is a traitor and needs to be tried and shot!!!!

  • hahaha why don't we investigate him.

    • Not going to happen, all these criminals are free to continue their evil deeds, thanks the Barr's injustice dept, the fbi the rinos, and the demoncraps! But worst of all were the anti-Trumpers (THE RINO'S).

  •  What would this muzzie Marxist know about Democracy?

  • PRC is the republic he talking about.

  • They really don't want to go there. This is not china. Our people will react violently to suppression of free speech. 

    • We don't know what our people will do... and from recent history it is likely they will do little more than the Jews did in Nazi Germany... or the people did in Russia, China, Cambodia, N. Korea, and Nicaragua did when faced with their own Marxist insurgency... 

      I am a realist and I don't like confronting the facts as they exist today... our nation is in serious decline and its population is not unified sufficiently or organized to address such a mess. It is unlikely that the Patriots will be capable of finding the leadership and resources to organize and prevail in this situation... not without a miracle from God... Our enemies are anticipating we will fold and run after a few hundred thousand of our friends and neighbors disappear or are jailed for insurrection or domestic terrorism. 

      If the America First Movement was unable to advance its cause with Trump as President and Congress at least partially supportive ... what chance is there that a disorganized, underfunded and leaderless band of patriots will prevail against a unified Marxist Cabal, with an installed President and a majority in Congress?  Our last best hope for making America great again ended with the inauguration of Pres. Biden.

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