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    • Back to the beginning? Who hires advisers in the first place? Are you now saying again that Trump didn't tell the truth when he didn't hire the best to be his advisers? Or is he still delusional about his ability to hire only the best? Which one of the two will you settle on? 

      In any case, I'm glad that you still voted for Trump even if you lob severe criticism at him but I do find it weird. If I thought of Trump what you seem to think of him, I would not vote for him. I for one admire Trump for making America great again against all odds. He sure leaves a great again America to his successor, quite the opposite of what he inherited from his predecessor. So, it is easy for me to support him come what may and to vote for him. 

    • No, as said many times... I think Pres. Trump is getting bad advice or being corralled into hiring poor choices for key offices in his administration.  The problem is not Pres. Trumps' overall judgment, it was his inability or willingness to create a constitutional crisis by standing up to the deep state... by operating without confirmed appointments in key positions.  There are a host of political issues that fly in the face of rational selections for office... 

      However, it is Pres. Trump's problem to solve the issues while making certain that he "Takes Care" that the laws of the nation are faithfully executed...  Trump is not delusional he is being outmaneuvered and was seemingly unwilling or unable to bring the Deep State in line with his policies... for whatever reasons, most of which we are not privy too.

    • Ron, let me help you. Websters dictionary defines "delusional" as "characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality". So, someone who believes he hires the best but that's not reflected in reality is delusional. Face it. You think Trump is delusional. You can't white wash that.

      "The President needs....a staff willing to challenge the President." Really? How many of such staff stayed on or needed to stay on? Let me help you again. None. We the people don't need Fauci or other frauds like him, who like to a contradict the president. 

    • The only delusional person here is you... Believing one hires the best only to discover later they were not doesn't make one delusional... what makes one delusional is to observe a mistake and then argue none occurred... that is delusional.

      I didn't say the Gorka or Bannion had major problems in their views or estimates of the situation... I suggested that they may have had differences in opinions on how to deal with various problems.  The President needs sound advice and a staff willing to challenge the President to consider all of the alternatives available... and once a decision is made are willing to get fully behind the President.  He doesn't;t need a staff that provides 'lip service' to his programs and then works to sabotage them.  Frankly, he had a lot of that going on... leaks, sabotage, and undermining policy  in any Administration is an indication of poor personnel management

    • (1) Ronald. - "Trump BELIEVES he is hiring and retaining the best manpower available, I disagree, that doesn't mean I think he is lying." - Thanks for clarifying. You are right. Your statement does not make Trump a liar, it just makes him delusional. I wonder if that is better though. Seems to be in your mind. 

      (2) You are basically saying that Trump did not keep these men around since they didn't have the same views as he had. How does that support your idea to call out Trump when he supposedly makes a mistake? Again, I'm saying that Trump obviously knows that he does not need "constructive criticism" from his supporters like you claim to be. He needs support from his supporters. Period. 

    • No... Trump is not lying... and I never said he was lying. Pres. Trump BELIEVES he is hiring and retaining the best manpower available, I disagree, that doesn't mean I think he is lying. However, individuals such as yourself are unable to discern the truth if it bit you. You malign and demean others who don't agree with your often blind endorsement of all things Trump, no matter what. You and your type are dangerous and should not have the vote. You'd vote for Trump if he murdered someone in broad daylight on main street USA. On several occasions, you accuse others of not supporting the President simply because they don't agree with some of his less than sterling decisions and public pronouncements. If Trump hired Joe Stalin, as his Chief of Staff, you'd claim it was the best personnel decision ever made by a President.

      Stop misrepresenting my positions... when I state Pres. Trump has some serious challenges in personnel management that is not calling him a liar. When I say he doesn't hire the BEST PEOPLE that doesn't mean I am calling him a liar.  Constructive criticism comes in many forms but they all are critical of some aspect of an individual's performance... Trump was weak on personnel management, law enforcement, budgetary restraint, and public relationships with his enemies. My opinion of his performance in all of those areas are open for debate, and not everyone will agree with my personal analysis.

      I hold Pres. Trump in high regard for his love of country, the People, and his appreciation of our heritage... I believe he is one of the BEST PRESIDENTS we have ever had and that he accomplished miracles, considering the serious resistance to nearly everything he did by the MSM, the Democrats, and his own political party. I voted for him on both occasions and would vote for him again under the same circumstances. However, when I believe the proverbial EMPEROR is naked I am going to inform him and hand him his pants. I am not going to let him run around thinking everything is copacetic.

      As to your last question... I am not going to go over every policy and internal challenge I believe the President MAY HAVE HAD with his staff. Suffice it to say that these three and others of his staff had personality and or policy views that were not the same... resulting in the President releasing them or abandoning them on issues that led to their leaving... some under very bad conditions.  Again, these are debatable views... you have yours and I have mine... Only, mine don't run to the extreme of supporting the President if he wanted to shoot someone on main street USA.. or walk out naked to address the public, your support obviously does.

    • Ronald, when you say Trump did not hire the best despite of Trump saying that he indeed hires only the best many times, you do indeed call him a liar.

      How did these three men challenge Trump and were not yes men? 

    • You are delusional... show me where I called Trump a liar... show me where I failed to tell the truth... Trump had serious personnel problems... and HE not his staff was responsible for dealing with them.  He did not always hire the best... unless you think Sessions and Barr were the best choices for AG or Wray and Comey for Dir. of the FBI all were appointed or allowed to remain in their positions (Comey) by Pres. Trump.

      Here are three names of men on his staff that were forced out or left to fend for themselves and resigned... Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, and LTG Flynn... Trump's turnover rate was one of the highest ever in government.  We do disagree on personnel appointed to office, and on many of those he retained.  Many of his problems were DIRECTLY related to personnel problems... leaks, insubordination, and the sabotage and undermining of his programs by former Obama appointees or SES promotions and selections.

    • Seriously? Not one elected or appointed  official did a damn thing about blatant voter fraud. 

    • I am but one man. To fight against tyranny you need an army. Yes our vote was taken from us. You and me both.that ship has sailed. I ask you now. What do we do about it.

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