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  • "Biden intel community “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency

    Pro-Trump insurgency?  What insurgency... since when has political debate, lawful assembly, exercising one's right to keep nd bear arms... calling out criminal conduct by elected officials.. become an insurgency.... I thought that was being a patriot and pro-Constitutional Government.


    An insurgency is a violent, armed rebellion against authority when those taking part in the rebellion are not recognized as belligerents. An insurgency can be fought via counter-insurgency warfare, and may also be opposed by measures to protect the population and by political and economic actions of various kinds, as well as propaganda aimed at undermining the insurgents' claims against the incumbent regime. As a concept, insurgency's nature is ambiguous.
  • If they are going after Trump I'm easy to be find because I'm wearing my Trump 2020 mask and more American should do the same show the far left we are Americans and we will not take their shit no more.

  • Brennan is a Muslim Communist Traitor who is guilty of Insurrection and should be hung.

    They enemy within won't stop until they start disappearing for it!!!! PERIOD!

    The North Korean style inauguration didn't do the C.C.P. installed PUPPET GOVERNMENT  any good.

    We now know without a doubt this FRAUD Government is the enemy of the people.

    Just remember. A tyrannical government made up of citizens can be JUST as terrified and JUST as fearful of those that they are apathetic in terrorizing themselves.

    Cripple the tyrants by paralyzing their bureaucracies. 

  • This is important to share, written by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) who commented on Admin Dee's topic "John Brennan: Intel Community is After the Pro-Trump 'Insurgency'" on Tea Party Command Center

    I hate to inform you but Pres. Trump is the only Constitutional Officer charged by the US Constitution "TO TAKE CARE' that the laws be faithfully, executed..." See: Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution. It was Pres. Trump who failed to properly execute the laws of the United States, allowing the swamp to swallow his administration and created the situation we find ourselves in today. Instead of the swamp looking at the world thru bars from GITMO ... it appears that Trump's supporters may find themselves looking at Cuban waters from a cell in GITMO or worse...
    Pres. Trump failed to appoint and supervise an Attorney General and key staff in the DOJ willing and capable of going after political corruption... too, drain the swamp... He failed to remove FBI Director Wray after it was clear he was corrupt along with most of the upper echelons in the FBI and CIA. The President allowed the politically corrupt to dictate how and which laws would be enforced. The lack of law enforcement culminated in a culture that permitted the fraudulent election in November 2020. The impact of that election is just now starting to reveal itself in some very frightening and dangerous ways.
    The Leftists now in total control of the Congress and Administration are boldly announcing they will take vengeance on the Trump supporters... using the laws Pres. Trump should have enforced to prosecute his supporters. History will not treat Pres. Trump well... as he certainly failed to enforce the laws of the United States and neglected the need to protect and defend the Constitution and the patriot citizens of these United States. Trump supporters are now left to fend for themselves... with no apparent champion on their side of the aisle in government...that is a very, very, big betrayal.

  • Brennan and his ilk are trying to completelydestroy Trump supporters.  They think with the imflammatory language and lies they can get our neighbors, friends and family to turn against us.  Unfortunately they just might be righrt.  People are scared at the present time and scared people do not generally make good decisions.

  • TEARN THIS DOWN!!!!!            OUR TURN

    Chicago Hispanic Newspaper, Lawndale News, Hispanic Bilingual Newspapers, Su Noticiero Bilingue »…
  • It is fitting that the far left commies are going against peace and Constitution loving patriots. Make no mistake they will try to pin anything they can on real American patriots.

    • Isn't it just too insane that there are antifa and blm violent terrorists running around with gas masks on all dressed in black burning and destroying cities all over the country, BUT Biden's commie/socialsts are going after their poitical opponents instead. Portland and Seattle got hit again just this past week.  WHERE IS THE FBI going after those terrorists?

    • They GAVE US TO CHINA with Bidens Inauguation. The F.B.I.? Chris Wray?...........Are you kidding! He's the enemy too!!!! He covered for the TYRANTS,did he not? He's letting Black ISIS and Antifa do their jobs for P.O.S. C.C.P. Tyrant Xi. This is a Communist revolution. The sooner we stop denying it the sooner we can crush it..............BEFORE THEY CRUSH US!!!!

      MSM Commie propagndists are targets too. It's all good!!! Anyone HUNTING for Bill Ayers yet? They have lists............we have lists!! AND LONG MEMORIES!!!.............Tell Gruber that!!!


    • Have you forgotten the Patriot couple in St. Louis that was arrested for simply carrying weapons on their front porch... to ward off the illegal entry and home invasion they faced by BLM and Antifa ... they were arrested not the rioters and trespassers... they broke down the gate to their property and threatened them and their property.  Look for this scenario to repeat itself... attack by ANTIFA or BLM types followed up by self-defense efforts being cited as unlawful and those being attacked arrested while the criminals loot their home, destroy their property, and walk away with no criminal charges... 

      This is why Trump's refusal to use martial law to overturn open election fraud... was such a betrayal to our Constitution and the Republic. The failure of our President to defend our most sacred right to consent to be governed was a death knell to patriots everywhere... The left has been signaled that no one in government will defend the Constitution or law biding political dissent.  It has signaled the Left that ELECTIONS now belong to them and the people must either capitulate, form active dissident groups that can be labeled insurrection subject to criminal action and the loss of life, liberty, and property rights.

      If history is a witness to the human condition it is coming folks.

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