• As I said elsewhere, we the people are grateful to Trump for letting us and the world know that the US is not a super power but a failed state, where the deep state runs and destroys the country. The CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the AG, the courts, elections, etc cannot be trusted. Trump fought a heroic battle but the US is doomed. Not even Trump could drain the swamp that is the deep state. 

    • Trump can save America but at a very high risk of invoking Civil War... he can and should declare martial law over the rigged elections and pandemic... arrest and detain active members of the government who are clearly subversives engaged in domestic terrorism (thru intimidation, staged insurrection/violence and coercion) and sedition.  Such arrests and indictments must be swift and relentless in locating and detaining the senior leadership behind the insurrection and sedition.  Elements in the MSM need to be included in the round-up.

    • You are right. The only way out is for Trump to go totally authoritarian to drain the swamp. That has always been the only option since the deep state has been working against Trump. Otherwise he can't save the republic, our freedom and liberties.

    • Agreed, no matter how many smoking guns show up... the DOJ as staffed presently will not indict, and if they do they will lose the evidence and compromise the prosecution to ensure they lose any court case brought.

    • I believe this can be done, if and only if, this election gets righted by the courts. Then, I think you are wrong. Trump has made some mistakes; which president hasn't? I think he has 4 major ones:

      1.   He didn't clear out the Obama appointments from high level positions (he didn't go deep enough in the FBI).

      2.   He should've prosecuted Hillary first thing and put her in jail,

      3.  He made a promise he couldn't/couldn't keep (pulling back all troops from the middle east). It showed he didn't learn from Obama's mistakes of pulling troops out and letting ISIS (JV team) get power) and is not facing a resurgence of the Taliban, and

      4.  He didn't stand up and tell Americans how ugly COVID could/would be although I think he has done a great job in combatting it. The Dems who want to raise taxes while shutting down businesses haven't a frigging clue about anything to do with business. I saw today that we will lose 2 million jobs by raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. They plan on creating 6m green jobs. Those must be the same green jobs the Obama/Biden never produced in the 8 years they were in charge (except for the ones that made their buddies rich). They will destroy the economy because they don't have a "magic wand"

      I think he has to bulk up the DOJ to go after more bad actors. If there is child porn on Humters laptop why is he not under arrest? I understand they would have to find the females to verify their ages (tough to do when they are overseas) but, allegedly, there are topless pictures of his 14 year old niece on that laptop. That should be enough. Barr is letting Wray slow walk that investigation. This is part of number 2. If he only has 2 months left, heads need to roll or they stay in those positions. None of the bad chaacters have gone to jail, not even Lois Lerner who they had dead to rights. This is a traesety that has only emboldened the deep state. It has taken too long to get moving on this.


    • Should've been couldn't/shouldn't keep on point three.

    • I believe you have nailed it.  So sad.

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