• Brennan is a deep state TRAITOR!!!!!

    • And I read somewhere that he is a moslem.


  • They know that they stole the people's votes and now they are coming with so many stupid ideas they thought President Trump and his followers were going to surrender to the outcome.If all illegal votes are removed they will lose the House 

  • He is not only a communist, he is the #1 target.

  • Rotten to the core as he is, I think Brennan knows better. He's just entertaining the base by piling on. 

  • What a flipping jerk

  • AG Barr is a schill for the Globalist... he certainly isn't the President's personal lawyer...

  • Two of the deep state people talking about betraying this country. They both should be in prison for life for treason or removed to a country that they believe in, just NOT this one


  • This is of great concern... and explains why Pres. Trump is having such a difficult time enforcing his policy... there is an overwhelming number of deep state operatives subverting the Presidents power... some in key positions like the Director of the FBI and AG... whose conduct is confusing at best if not outright insubordination or subversion.

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