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Former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of President Trump, found out he had been blocked from accessing his classified notes and records while working on his new memoir.

He writes in his forthcoming book, Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, at Home and Abroad, that after months of "haggling" he discovered the CIA was abiding by the directive Trump gave in August 2018 "that purportedly forbids anyone in the intelligence community from sharing classified information with me."

The White House confirmed the directive was being enforced, which is news considering the New York Times reported in May of last year that the president never revoked Brennan's security clearance.

“The President has constitutional authority to control access to classified information, which he exercised here in view of Mr. Brennan’s erratic behavior and the President’s belief that access to classified information should be solely for the benefit of the government and the American people,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

Brennan, who acknowledges he is in the "crosshairs" of the criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham, claimed he asked the CIA for his official records including his personal notes and any classified CIA documents that he had signed, but the agency denied his request.

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  • Good, it's the least that should happen..........HOW ABOUT PUTTING THIS POS IN PRISON?  This muslim was appointed by the other criminal Obama........between, them Comey, Strzok and all the other rotten leftists ..........tried to destroy this nation.  Phoney Russian collusion, phoney dossiers, lies false documents and testimony..........JAIL THEM NOW. Brennan's clearance revoked.........WAAAAAA? Hey Brennan YOU ARE THE ENEMY........along with your icon Obama.........sellouts, liars and tools of the marxist agenda the UN, UNESCO, CAIR, AZTLAN, LARAZA, IRAN ETC. 

    • The evidence to put Brennan in prison is there all it takes is for the DOJ and AG too indict and send the case to trial... however our AG apparently has better things to do. We may want to ask what and too demand Trump hold the AG accountable for obstructing the wheels of justice by firing him.

  • Everyone should have their ability to access classified information after they leave govt taken away. Especially people like  Brennan that have used their own postion they had to make money as a talking head onso called news organization.

    • If these individuals where honorable and law-abiding members of government there would be no problem in extending their security clearances as their advice is often necessary to the smooth transition of our government and its intel services... under normal expectations we should be able to trust these former senior leaders of government with the secrets of our nation... However, recent history proves that such trust is no longer advisable ... as we have allowed our enemies to infiltrate our government under the guise of multiculturalism and diversity.

    • Even if these individuals were honorable, law abiding members of American government, it would always be wisest to be done on a case by case basis dependent upon need.   They are no longer in the position and should not have a need for 'new' happenings.   Their usefulness would seem to be more in a historical fashion.   Recent history.   And, no new information should need to pass to them.    Indeed we are in a learning curve.   A really tight curve.

    • Retaining one's security clearance doesn't mean they have open access to anything or everything.... it is always on a NEED TO KNOW>.. what it does do is it keeps their security clearance up to date.. .with all the required safeguards and background checks current... so, they can be invited to comment on pertinent issues without delay.

    • True enough.  However, we are talking a badass bunch of antiAmericans.

    • True and they should be indicted not given access to any of our government secrets... Pres. Trump can stop that from happening and he can have them indicted if he gets serious about his powers to enforce the laws... and has independent (non-DOJ) lawyers file indictments against them all INCLUDING THOSE IN THE DOJ OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE... INCLUDING THE AG AND HIS SPECIAL PROSECUTOR who hasn't managed to file a single indictment in over 12 months.

    • One has to question competence and or motivation when it takes a year to do nothing.

  • Badass brennan is a muslim convert and criminal spy, working against America - - another one that needs to be arrested, charged, convicted and hung.

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