• Look similar??

    Venezuela timeline 

    1992- Became the 3rd richest country in the Southern Hemisphere. 

    1997- Became the 2nd largest purchaser of F-150 American jet fighters. 

    2001- Voted for their first Socialist president under ‘Income Inequality’. 

                               (We are here). 

    2007- All education according to the state became ‘Free’. 

    2009- Socialist banned ALL ownership of privately owned guns. 

    2012- Bernie Sanders praised their ‘American Dream’. 

    2014- Opposition leaders are imprisoned. 

    2016- Food/ Healthcare shortage became country wide. 

    2017- Their Constitution and all elections was suspended. 

    2019- Unarmed citizens massacred by their own Government. 

    (This is also the time line of the Nazi regime, 1933- 1945). 


      It took just one generation of progressive leadership to plunge that country into Civil caucus that they will never get out of. If you can’t see this coming here, you’re a fool! 


    • That's where we right now and it's going to be worse than Venezuela 

    • Cameron, this is exactly where the globalists in control of America are taking us!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!


  • Half the baby formula sold in the US is MADE IN CHINA.

    What country is so stupid as to become so dependent on its enemies for the basics of life?

    • Marlene, this is a huge part of the globalists plan to destroy America, make us dependent on our enemies and eliminate Christian morality so it falls from within!!!!!  The devildemocommiecrats, the deep state gop establishment, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, hollywierd flakes, snowflake athletes, and snowflake corporate controllers are all in satan's domain enjoying the personal wealth and power he offers in this life qand not realizing and/or not believing the Lake of Fire awaits their eternal souls that they have sold to enjoy wealth and power now!!!!!!!!!!  They can deny eternity but that doesn't change the fact that it exists, just like gravity exists!!!!!  Neither can be seen i themselves but both are VERY real and eternity of suffering await the satanic left whether they believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!


    • The Country that believed former President Bill Clinton when he said it could no longer industrially manufacture domestically, and it would become instead a service economy.

    • That's the news that hit me like a ton of bricks on returning home to the USA.   

      Panama is a service based country as are other 3rd world countries.   THAT IS THE DOWNFALL OF OUR COUNTRY RIGHT THERE.

      Panama makes nothing.   Not even Panama hats.   Do you notice that the lowest paying jobs are service jobs?  Why do you suppose that is?

      killery visited Howard AFB while I was working at an Army base.   We were offered a time off and a bus ride to Howard to shake her paw.   That's a rickety bus ride on the Bridge of the Americas which is an adventure all its own.   Surviving the ride would be a miracle of its own.   I REJECTED THE RIDE SAYING THAT IF SHE WERE IN THE PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING WHERE i WORKED I'D STILL BE TOO BUSY.


    • 43% of American used formula was produced by ABBOTT in Minnesota, until October,  The feds shut them down and in 8 months not one of our alphabet agencies extended a finger to get them up and producing again.   

    • The Bible predict that will happen it call famine in the land ot happen during the ol testament with Joseph and his family and Jesus Christ predict that to happen before he returns 

    • This is government caused, not the bible.

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