Did FBI Say It Illegally Wiretapped Donald Trump and Apologize For It?Lost in the recent global coronavirus pandemic is a "9-alarm fire" in the FBI, as an inspector general report is finding even further, massive FISA abuses, according to former federal prosecutor Jore diGenova on Newsmax TV.

"The FBI as an agency is in free fall – this is not your mother's FBI," diGenova told Wednesday's "The Howie Carr Show," calling out the "incompetence" of FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was President Donald Trump's replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey.


"The people in that building, with whom we speak regularly, are embarrassed by him," diGenova added of Wray. "They know what he is, he's a limousine cop."

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has pulled 700 FISA applications from October 2014 to September 2019 during an investigation. From those, per diGenova, a random sample of 29 warrants showed every one did not meet the standard requirements to warrant surveillance of American citizens, but all 29 were approved unwittingly by the FISA court.


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