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  • all I want to know is when is the prison door open for Obama and his administration?

  • Congress does not have the Constitutional authority or power to conduct Criminal investigations. Rep. Nunes seeks to refer criminal conduct to the DOJ, such referals constitute the product of a criminal investigation. Allowing the usurpation of the Executive Branches Powers to enforce the law will result in future Congress's using such precedent to politicize justice. The Criminal Conduct in the DOJ, FBI, and other institutions of Government is the duty and responsibility of the President to investigate and bring to justice... not Congress. The President is the Chief Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer under Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution he is charged with Faithfully executing the Laws of the United States, not Congress, not the Attorney General.

    The President should appoint a Special Counsel under HIS DIRECT CONTROL, to investigate crimes in the DOJ, FBI and other agencies of the Government. The Attorney General has failed to faithfully execute the Laws of the United States and may also be involved in criminal activity needing judicial redress. A Presidential Special Counsel created to investigate criminal activity within the Government would ideally operate directly under the Office of the President, free from the oversight and direct control of the Attorney General and senior agents of the DOJ, FBI, and others of interest within the Government. The administrative, legal staff, and investigators, can be handpicked and detailed to the Special Counsel's Office, using the internal resources of DOJ and the FBI. These teams could then conduct criminal investigations, secure indictments and prosecute, those indicted of crimes; without obstruction of justice by the DOJ and FBI.

  • Most of the top aides and officers of the Obama administration have been given immunity... for various reasons.  However, immunity is only good if both parties (the Government or individual) keep all of the agreement and did not enter it with the intent to deceive, lie about any of the essentials in the agreement or toor cover up other crimes.  Most of the immunity agreements are void... for obvious reasons but the MSM and many in DOJ will present them as valid... to avoid their own indictment.

  • This is all about delay and obfuscation too deny criminal conduct or to run the clock out on the statute of limitations...  Indict now and put her in prison. The longer we wait the more plausible absentee memories become in the eyes of juries... the greater the rick hard evidence is lost or doctored and the more likely of an acquittal. 

  • I hope Comey that smug SOB sees prison along w/Obama and Hillary and at least Brennan Rice and Strzok.  Disgusting. 

    O BTW a judge upheld newsoms rulings on churches says Bill of Rights should be suspended b/c of pandemic WHAT ?    WE MUST REMOVE ALL DEM GOVERNORS, MAYORS AND REPRESENTATIVES AND RINOS IN OUR GOVERNMENT IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE.  THEY ARE TYRANNICAL MARXIST NUTS.

    • Can YOU get enough Tea Party and Americans to arm up to take another civil war to the government? I think we are all complacent enough we have become a flock of sheep who don't have enough guts to give up our "machines" and sacrifice our lives for the country.

    • do we have those kind of people here in the good old USA.

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