• Project and lie,Project and lie. That's all the Democrats do!!!

  • Biden Is An Asshole! 

    • Yes.


  • I am an nasty old seventy-three year old man from Pennsylvania and I knew Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden back in the days when I was a dashing young Cavalry Trooper and I remember very well that he was referred was referred to as “Joe the intellectually challenged one” and that was the term used by very kind people who were not semiliterate and I remember very well that he was known as a pervert even then. Quite honestly I do believe that he does not remember the 1998 rape of Tara Reade his former staffer because creepy old uncle Joe put the “dem” in dementia.

  • Joe Biden and the rest of his Socialist should come out and say they are the new slaves owners

  • More good news coming from the Biden camp. The November election will be a cakewalk for Trump.

    • Would you mind keeping quiet I want the dimwits to beleive their own bovine excrement. The last time around I made a few dollars betting against the dim wits and I want to make more this time. My late mother always told me Ramon a gentleman must never take advanage of his itellectual inferiors. I just look up to Heavan and please mom I am having too much fun.

  • He is such an idiot. Guess he won't need secret service anymore, either.

  • The Democrat Party is the actual enemy, and has been since before the Civil War. Every politician (including the President before Trump) who runs for office on the Democrat ticket perpetuates the lie that the party is no longer the party of racism, slavery, Jim Crow, White Citizens Councils, the poll tax and the brutal suppression of Civil Rights demonstrations in the 1960s. They continue the lie perpetrated by pretending that iit is someone other than Democrats who run the major cities and states where black people are the greatest victims of violence -- usually from other black people. And now it's Biden's turn to stand up there, sound pious, and pretend that he is '"for the people." This corrupt and degraded politician is for nobody but himself.

    • What are their other good points?

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