President Donald Trump is preparing to unleash vicious lines of attack in the first debate with Joe Biden, according to a new report, leaving some Democrats fearful that their nominee will be unprepared to counter.

The first of three presidential debates is scheduled to take place at 9pm ET in Cleveland, and promises to be a wild night of spirited arguments, and likely personal attacks.

While Biden has been in seclusion diligently preparing for the debate, Trump has largely eschewed traditional prep, instead pulling advisors aside on the fly to test out different lines of attack, according to a detailed report on Friday from the Washington Post

Because Biden has largely avoided hostile settings in recent months, and reportedly plans to focus his arguments on how he would solve the coronavirus pandemic and improve the economy, some of his allies fear he may be unprepared to face vicious personal attacks on Tuesday.  

'It's like training for a knife fight and somebody is getting an Uzi,' one Democratic congressional aide lamented to the newspaper.


Trump has already vowed to bring up Biden's son Hunter, the subject of a recent report from Republican senators, which claimed he 'cashed in' on his father's position by joining the board of a Ukrainian gas company.  

 'I think it will be brought up in the debate,' Trump said at a recent rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, shouting, 'Where is Hunter?' 

The Biden campaign has slammed the claims against Hunter as 'a long-disproven, hardcore rightwing conspiracy theory'. Trump was impeached for pressuring Ukraine to investigate corruption claims against the Biden family, before being acquitted in the Senate. 

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  • This election will be a cakewalk for Trump. It is audacious of Biden to think that he can battle a self made billionaire who is loved by a large majority of Americans. Trumo is giving his country his precious time and (business) talents when he could be raking in billions as he has done throughout his life. Instead, he is a real patriot who now works to make America great again. There is no way he won't win in a huge landslide in November. We could not have a better Republican and therefore patriot in the White House. Trump 2020!!!

  • Joe Biden is to sick to debate the president of the United State of America.

  • Everyone know President Trump will destroy Biden on the debate what we should go for is all ballots not post marked before 11/03/2020 should not be counted and there should be no extension, all you doing is giving the socialist party more time to still the election 

  • Trump will take him apart. Joe isn't used to answering tough questions. He may but up a fake fight based on lies but, truth will always prevail. Joe has nothing. It should be revealing.

    • Everyone knows quid pro quo joe blow obiden will be wearing an ear piece so he can be fed answers. Trump needs to have a jamming device set up. And you know that piece of shyt chris matthews ( a never Trumper ) will give the obiden gang the questions in advance. New qquestions need to be put in place 5 minutes before the debate begins, don't let matthews know them until the candidates are on stage. Turn on the jamming device.

    • Yes yes yes!!! I'm an engineer.


This reply was deleted.