• Biden is the worst president of all but then again he was not elected by the people he was selected by those who hate America but We the People will show the world what Americans are made of 

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    One Last Chance for America

    Will America Fall Just as Fast as Afghanistan? Because that’s Probably the Plan
    I have not previously reported on anything happening in Afghanistan the past couple of weeks, because it is mostly a distraction and a psyop carefull…
  • Benghazi Sue, has she ever, ever gotten anything right?

  • Who cares who is running things?  It is an absolute disaster any way you look at it. Everyone in both the Obama and Biden administrations need to be investigated, jailed and tried for unAmerican activiites; insurrection; dereliction of duty and probably more that of which I am unaware.

  • O'Biden is Obummer's Twin Brother! They Both SUCK & totally want the U.S. to become Part of the One World Govt.! Take The WOKE POKE & You'll join the Gates Fudgy Death Toll to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD! LOOK at Australia! That may be coming to America NEXT!!!!

  • Biden is Obama in a different skin and with a damaged brain.

  • The communist democrat party must be destroyed for America to survive!!



  • Yes he is the worst in the history of this country,  Obama  2nd Carter  is 3rd now the whole  damn party is turned communest  for sure .

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