Joe Biden: I'm going to beat.......Biden?

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  • Yes, he's right - for once.

  • Maybe they planning on putting Michael in his place...

    Michelle Obama Is Getting Involved in the 2020 Election

    Michelle Obama Creates Program To Boost Voter Turnout in 2020 Election
    On Thursday, Michelle Obama announced that she was going to ramp up her get-out-the-vote initiative for the 2020 election.
  • Are they kidding me with this doofus joe biden?

    • I will not be surprised at all if she or he involved with the 2020 election we're in a ride for a life time.

  • Joe Biden's election strategy is... He who counts the votes wins.

    1) Avoid public speaking and rallies... maintain social distancing and stay at home... don't hold your rallies on your neighbor's patio, even if you can maintain social distancing.
    2) Engage the Democrat's Creative Polling System and Fantasy Electioneering Wizard APP... You can fool some of the people, some of the time... remember, you are winning by a wide margin.
    3) Print millions of mail-in ballots and have lots of stamps and envelopes available in your basement for the 3.5 million ghost voters and their pets voting in the election.
    4) Be sure that the Secretary of State in the key States are Democrat.  It also helps if they are blind, mathematically challenged, and willing to certify an election if the votes cast total more than the number of registered voters in the State... after all every vote counts... some even count more than once. 

    Control the MSM narrative... Rig the polls, avoid public speaking and appearances. Engage the public through surrogates and carefully edited digital sound bites and ads. Refuse to debate Trump citing social distancing and stay at home policy. Finally, be sure to place enough stamps on the 3.5 MILLION MAIL-IN BALLOTS for those ghost voters (the voting dead, early and frequent voters, and their pets).

    Joe doesn't need to campaign... he must not campaign, instead use surrogates, the MSM, and edited electronic digital media... Joe will rely on the (Joseph Stalin) election maxim... based on the strategy: that whoever counts the votes, certifies the election, and determines the winner... not those crazy voters. Remember, if one doesn't have enough votes on the first count... try, try, and try again, until all those missing mail ballots and hanging chads are counted.

    • this is interesting to say the least 

    • Good one, Ronald! I need to print and frame this one; I need a good daily chuckle (if that's ok).


    • Sure thing... frame away. 

    • Thanks muchly.


    • You're welcome Biggly or is that Eugely...

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