Joe Biden: I'm going to beat.......Biden?

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  • Everytime he speaks he say some silly. He is definitely senile. I don't why no one has asked him to step aside and the party select someone. Guite frankly the United States is doomed with any Democrat candidate. They all believe in the same.  Look how they prefer illegal immgrants over real American people. They are not paying taxes and they are getting everything free.  


    • Of course, the Democrats are for the illegal aliens... the Marxist view the United States as an illegitimate Capitalist Empire whose wealth was stolen from the third world... That these illegal aliens are owed reparations and have a superior claim to our National wealth. Keep voting in democrats and we will all end up in chains in forced labor camps. The Democrat Party should be outlawed as a seditious party wanting to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic by illegally undermining the government without the consent of the People... that is treason.

  • Look for Biden to stop giving live interviews... his handlers will insist on taped/edited interviews which focus on 'sound bites' not more than a few seconds long... with him reading canned responses to pre-arranged questions... He will most likely refuse any debate, citing social distancing and the COVID 19 virus and the MSM will not challenge him.

    • You nailed it.


  • Why do they let him speak?  He keeps digging his hole deeper...

    • I think it's becuse they know they don't have anything else plus they refuse to admit defeat. Pretty sad for Creepy Joe.

    • Of course, what was I thinking?   Stacey Abrams lost the election 3.5 years ago, and she STILL hasn't conceded yet...

    • And Hitlery STILL hasn't.

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