Joe Biden: I'm going to beat.......Biden?

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    • This is but one of many of the political connections to the financial side of Chinese relationship. Col. It amazes me just how many are willing to sacrifice their own future generations well being on behalf of that which is nothing more than a momentary satisfaction of power ?

      And we find these people are our leaders ?????

    • that's right

  • Can Joe even find his "member" when urinating? I doubt it!

  • If Joe Biden is the absolute best these so called democrats have to offer they, not us, are in deep trouble for years to come. Perhaps decades. However, after looking at the gaggle the democrats put forward running against Joe it does appear he is their best chance which is no chance at all.

    Joe Biden does not stand a snowballs change in hell of beating President Donald J Trump.

    The truth about just exactly what Barack Obama did in an attempt at the overthrow of a candidate, then a president elect and then a setting president is precisely a coup d’etat. It may have (so far at least) been bloodless but a coup d’etat nonetheless. The people are beginning to realize just how corrupt these so called democrats are.

    If America wants to remain a Constitutional Representative Republic with a free enterprise economic engine (the best system ever devised by mankind) democrats must not be elected to ANY office come November 3, 2020. Their goal is to destroy exactly what makes America Great and install a communist, marxist or fascist regime.  Make no mistake about that!  

    Do some research and study the history of Europe and Asia during the bloody tweitieth century and you will understand what I am saying.  Everyone of those dictators were VOTED into office then murdered hundreds of millions of them.  Remember those people never thought such a thing could ever happen to them.  But is did.  It could happen here as well!  

    • The political left in its many manifestations throughout history, currently the Democrats, in the more recent past socialist/communist and their many euphemisms, royalty with many terms denoting their exalted status, and tribal rule extending back into prehistory have all viewed rights as being privileges to be granted or denied by them.
      We would not have an American republic with constitutional rights had not those opposed to the idea realized they would be shot, hung, or ostracized for their stance.
      They and their political descendants have been at work ever since to erode and water down our natural rights with an avowed intention of eliminating them in the future.
      The statements of many on the left clearly show their intentions.

    • Joe Biden doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of beating President Donald J. Trump... assuming the electoral process is legitimate and not compromised by massive voter and election fraud... the Marxist in the Democrat Party know that Mr. senile has no chance of winning a legitimate election and they are preparing for massive and pervasive voter and election fraud to steal the election... they Democrat Marxist won't give a hoot if we know it is a stolen election... They will use the deep state (Brown Shirts) and force of arms to install their fraudulently elected government...  Civil war may well be on the way.

    • Just keep it quiet I made a lot off the libertards last time!!

  • The left didn't look very hard at 0bama, so they are not likely to look too hard at Biden, either. If they didn't care about his not knowing we don't have 57 states or how to pronounce Marine Corps or care about his multiple social security numbers, or his foreign student aid, why would they care about anything to do with Biden? That is why I am surprised Alyssa Milano came out against his sexual perversion, I guess that one hit her personally.

    • Barack Obama was, without any doubt, the worst president ever in Americas history. He was Joe Biden’s mentor. He was also the biggest liar ever in the white house and the most corrupt president ever. There is just no question about any of that. We are just now learning how bad, how much of a liar and also how corrupt. It is one thing to suspect all of these things but then to find out just how true and how bad he was is appalling at best.

    • Obama was never legally the president, he was a usurper of the office and was not entitled/qualified for the office as he was not a constitutional natural born citizen.
      Obama and Pelosi will go down in history books as the focal point of an attempt at destroying the republic and its constitution!

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