• The article clearly talks about Biden trying to get a quid pro quo from Ukraine so that the Ukraine is investigating poitical opponents in the US. Nobody is doing anything about it or even reporting on it let alone impeaching anyone. That's so typical of the MSM who is biased towards demonrats.

  •            Are you ready for the Democrats’ next power move?


    Watch as the MSM gradually begins to notice Joe Biden’s failing health.

    The coming mantra will be: In these troubling times America needs a strong leader. Joe’s poor health is becoming a real problem for America. Joe needs to step down for the good of the country. Kamala Harris will be the strong leader America needs.

    That’s right, the same Kamala Harris that whored her way to a position of power in the Democratic Party. Back in the mid-nineties, her only experience in politics was gained through the services she provided to the beloved mayor of San Francisco “Downtown Willie Brown”. Fortunately for her, those services caught the eye of George Soros and he selected her for the position of vice president.

    Not to worry, I’m sure Kamala will make a great president, and Nancy Pelosi will then be one step closer to becoming The Empress of ‘The Communist States of America’.



  • You can't do much when you are the minority in both houses.  Need to fix that at the next election!  Once Pelosi is gone, we can get a lot of things done!!! So stop whining and get out there to help those conservatives that are running for office!!!!!!

  • Where are the dsmn Republicans???  Why are they starting impeachment processes against Biden??  I am being to wonder if any of them have the balls to stand up to these people!!


    • It would be great, but the impeachment proceedings start in the house.  And what party controls the House?  The de"mock"rats!  If you followed anything but msm news, you would know that several have tried, but it hasn't gone anywhere.


    • There have been several articles of impeachment proposed by members of the GOP...  However, their bills of impeachment never make it past Pelosi, They are immediately shelved never to see the light of day...

      The General Public never hears about these moves to impeach Biden, because the MSM are shills for the Marxist in Congress. They are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and are not about to publicize anything that exposes the Democrat Party as Marxist or anti-American functionaries.

  • Hypocrisy is not in the lexicon of the Democrat Party...  neither is law and order.

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