• After all the bullshit this country has perservered  for the past century under globalist elitism, progressive socialism, administrative statism pressures, many actually believe the office of the American..president, especially today, controlled by the incumbent place holder? Globalist forces have taken priority over the American  nation for 100 years ...until a person comes along to declare it for us...."we the people" .   This is exactly why they all want Trump gone, gone, gone. They always wanted to "fundamentally transform" America as obama declared in 2008.  Unles the clueless masses  understand this and have a  great revelation .....the diminution of our liberties  and death of the American sovereignty will inevitably ensue.  God Help America.

    • Sheepdog, I believe He is.  It is His nation and He is hearing a tremendous number of sincere prayers.

  • Kamala Harris is not able to be a vice president or a president she doesn't follow Joe Biden instructions to the border what's wrong with this picture?

  • Go figure we have a black woman who doesn't give a ripped about Joe biden and Joe biden doesn't give a ripped about a black women what does that tell you?

    • They hate each other?  Jealousy and racism.  Really?  Among the dems?  Say it isn;t so, Joe!

  • My sources say Trump will be back in the presidency late this summer.  Nothing would be finer.  Time will tell.

    • John what I have been following would indicate his return after the 2022 midterm elections and the inauguration anniversary. Reason being; If you refer to the 22nd amendment it clearly states that a President may only serve not more than 2 years of another Pressident's term in office and still be able to serve 4 and be re-elected to another 4. Total being 10 years. If he pulled the trigger now he could not run again in 2024.


    • I know that to be true also.  Two scenarios, Ira.  Firstly, when the midterms are completed and the dust settles, elected officials will take their seats after the New Year.  If, if, the Republicans win the House, they will need to elect a Speaker of the House.  They can pick any USA citizen from anywhere.  Matt Gaetz was the first to mention this.  He still suggests that Trump should be on the list of candidates.  You can bet that Kevin McCarthy will place his name on the list as well.  A battle will ensue between the RINOs and the Trumpsters.  If, if Trump is elected Speaker, Articles of Impeachment will appear almost instantly: one against Biden and one against Harris.  Once impeached, the trials will begin in the Senate where the dems and RINOs will join hands in unholy matrimony.   This will not be a quick trial in either case.  If they both are found guilty, Trump is the new president.  Trump can run again in 2024.

      Secondly, much is being prophesied about the dems.  This includes elected dems and former office holders in the Congress and outside of the legislature and executive branches.  SCOTUS Chief is also going to have trouble (Epstein island and threatening other Justices!).  So many will die or be tried for treason that it will leave the government in shambles.  Conservative Republicans will run the congress and will invite Trump into the presidency.  A Red Sea moment.  Check out the link below.

      Julie Green, Bo Polny - 2022 The GREAT & Coming RED SEA MIRACLE... 

    • if that is the case that what should we do with the Republican because they are in the same boat as the Democrats if that worse.


    • Shhh.  Be quiet.  You might scare the nation.  Only the true conservative will remain.

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