A professor of American studies in Boston says Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should announce that he will appoint former first lady Michelle Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court to “honor” the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Writing in The Hill, Dr. Roger House, Ph.D., who teaches at Emerson College in Boston and publishes, a multimedia library resource on African American history and culture, writes that Biden must quickly make the announcement after the nation honors Ginsburg in the coming days following her death Friday from pancreatic cancer.

“The nominee must be someone who advances the cause of racial and gender justice and quells Republican efforts to bum-rush a replacement,” House wrote, suggesting that the former VP should select Obama for judicial activism rather than on any legal experience or constitutional expertise.

“What it means is that the Biden campaign cannot simply propose to nominate a woman of traditional qualifications for the court. If it is to make history, then it must spotlight a woman who embodies the dream of the civil rights movement. That person is former first lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama,” House wrote.

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  • Sorry Joe, Michelle was disbarred years ago.

  • I was of the opinion she was disbarred and unable to hold any office.

    • Correct-O!

  • I can think of a dozen reasons why she should not be eligible, but the one that sticks in my head is she was disbarred and lost her license to practice law.   

    • That's the one that counts.

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