• Thank you Congressman Jordan. Suggestion: don't ask when ... that's not specific ... allows "wiggle room". Ask for numbers.

  • Btw, re Vaccine passports:

    The definition of an outlaw is a person who is outside of the law. Want more "outlaws" to control? Make more laws.

  • Who is the bitch telling Congressman Jorden "your time is expired"? Sounds like Maxine whore! Yes/no?

    • Yes and I wish someone would tell the old blackbag to "stick a sock in it"!

    • You're too polite.  I'd like someone to tell her something a little more personal, if you know what I mean.

  • Dr. Fauci has no metrics/numbers for returning society to CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER...  the fact is that it the government has no intention of returning to normal Constitutional order... and in the words of our fraud of a President has said... Constitutional Amendments are not absolute and must be interpreted to be understood... in other words, a government bureaucrat will determine when liberty is OK. 

  • You Lying BASTARD..!!! That Son Of A Bitch Is Purposely Being Evasive and All For The Side Of The Marxist Left..! He Is Nothing But A Fucking Fraud- Lying Bastard..!

  • I am into Natural medicine and see a Naturalist Dr. Saw her yesterday and asked her what she thought abouut the Vaccine. She instantly corrected me saying it is not a vaccine. It is an experimental Gene Therapy. They are using people as Guinea Pigs trying to see if they can change our Gene pool to damage our immune system

    • John ... you are definitely right to note that the so-called "vaccine" isn't a vaccine ... its gene therapy (manipulation of DNA/mRNA). That said, I don't agree with your statement " damage our immune system". FYI ... I'm a computer systems engineer (many years) in Silicon Valley.

      I and my engineer team are developing methodology to modulate the body's neural system ... get us all away from fatally flawed chemical "medicine" and Pharma's monopoly thereof. SOON!

    • Having done all return to natural medicine... God hath said of every Herb, Plant, Seed, and tree may we eat of for the benefit of life... but the tree of knowledge of good and evil we are not to eat... for then we will surely die... why, because we become self-indulgent, and seek to replace God with our own wisdom, knowledge has gone amuck... Pharmacology is an example of mankind's misguided system of corrupted science.  Our Bodies are complete, and in their design, our Father in Heaven gave us an immune system capable of defeating EVERY WEAPON formed against mankind... if we but obey His Word... which is a Merry Medicine to our flesh.  Doctors and Pharmacology cure nothing... in the best case scenario they only provide our body with assistance and it is our immune system that cures us.

      If there be any sick among you let them call on the Elders that the prayer of the righteous man may prevail and the sick be made whole... with any sins the sick may have committed forgiven.   Sickness is evidence that man has strayed from the dietary laws of God and engaged in sinful conduct, giving cause for illness to enter our body.  The fervent prayer of the righteous being the common cure for all ailments.  Our first and best response to illness is prayer, God's Word, and His warehouse of natural herbs, and nature's medicine cabinet.

      However, trusting in God doesn't mean one can not or should not seek medical care for an illness... as all things manifest according to one's faith and if one's faith is not in Spiritual treatments they need to see a medical doctor ... and prayer.  For God's Word to operate in us, we must have FAITH in it and its power to heal... if we don't others may intercede with the outcome dependent on their faith and the willingness of the sick to accept and trust in such intercession.

      Remember there is no weapon formed that may bear up against us if we only BELIEVE... believe in God and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Know this also... it is impossible to please God without FAITH... As Jesus said many times... BE IT UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO THY FAITH.  Faith cometh by hearing and HEARING the Word of God... builds one's FAITH.  Want to be healed... immerse yourself in the Word of God and trust God to heal you as He sees fit... by miracle, prayer, or thru modern medicine.. just remember God does the healing and give all the glory for it to HIM... Doctors merely act as an arm of God's will as they practice medicine.

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