A member of Jill Biden's Secret Service detail was compromised by two fake agents who showered members of the security services with lavish gifts, it is claimed.

A DISASTROUS press conference | GOP

Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 36, were taken into custody as more than a dozen FBI agents charged into a luxury apartment building in Southeast Washington on Wednesday evening.

Photos posted to social media Wednesday night showed FBI crews moving boxes out of their luxury apartment and even bringing in a big box truck to the scene.

Taherzadeh and Ali are accused of posing as members of a fake Department of Homeland Security taskforce investigating gang violence and the January 6 Capitol riots. The pair, whose nationalities have not been revealed, are said to have driven around in an official-looking SUV equipped with flashing lights.

They are said to have successfully ingratiated themselves with Secret Service agents, who they supplied with rent-free luxury apartments, high-end electronics and policing equipment. Four members of the agency - including the first lady's bodyguard - have been placed on leave, with their identities not revealed.

In one instance, Taherzadeh even allegedly offered a member of First Lady Jill Biden's security detail with a $2,000 assault rifle, as he and Ali also reportedly supplied an agent with a penthouse apartment valued at more than $40,000 a year.

It is unclear what they had hoped to gain from the ruse, and prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing, even as four members of the Secret Service - including the one from the first lady's security detail - have been placed on leave.

Investigators have also not said whether the pair ever successfully managed to have direct contact with Mrs Biden, who is the most heavily-protected woman in the United States.

In the meantime, Taherzadeh and Ali are being detained and are scheduled to appear in the US District Court in DC on Thursday.

They are charged with impersonating federal law enforcement and obtaining handguns, rifles and other materials to pose as Department of Homeland Security officers.

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  • good are these guys who supposed to be on our side? Makes us look like total fools.....unless the goal was to take out Jill from within.

  • Of coarse the Media has been very quiet about all this protection of Biden's family. Looks like all the family are corrupt to the core.

  • Fascinating!  How long has this been going on and where did these middle Eastern types get all the money for this operation?  I can't wait to hear the rest and hopefully about the firing of the top idiot under whose watch this was allowed to happen!  The captain of the ship needs to go down for this.

This reply was deleted.