• People such as Jesse Jackson have always created very comfortable, secure lives for themselves stirring up "Hate."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • And this Jackson guy wants us to take him seriously. He is not a True American. He needs to be ignored.

    • If you noticed he can't speak, he mumbles, there's need for a translator to know what he is saying.....because his brain is mangled.

      send them to Africa....all of them,  china soon will own that continent and they can alll live in communist heaven!

  • Bring it on, you dumbasses


    • You got that one right, Jesse Jackson and all 100 of his supporters, which he appears to need just to hold him up nowadays.

  • With Lori LIghtfoot, the witch of the North, leading Chicago... expect more insane policing stand downs as the riots, arson, and looting expand... Black Friday will become an everyday event, with discounts on Bricks and free Molithov Cocktails for individuals of color only...No whites allowed.

  • We protect ourselves with all means possible, even if it means using deadly force. Because they will kill us if given the chance.

  • Now that they''re in our face with their communist revolution.they can no longer deny it.

    When the democrats send them  to burn and terrorize your town ,OUR COUNTRY................Do we stand like mice and just watch or do we put this COMMUNIST REVOLUTION down once and for all in the machavelian fasion it deserves. Make no mistake about it,our OVERTHROWERS were UNCONSTITUTIONALLY elected. To that,THERE CAN BE NO ARGUMENT AGAINST. Couldn't be any clearer than what it says about it in our Constitution.

    • Ask your Sheriff where he stands... with the Communist or with his neighbors... get rid of the ones who hesitate or refuse to respond.  War is in the wind and we need to know where our public officials stand... especially, law enforcement.

    • Get the local sheriff to organize the local militia as our founders did....the Sheriff has both the Constitutional and Statutory authority to organize posse's as he deems fit... he can deputize them, and use them to enforce the law as he sees fit.  Every private militia should contact the Local Sheriff seeking statutory shelter as a Constitutional posse or militia under the Sheriff's authority and training.

      We are at war with internal enemies... it is past time the sheriffs mobilize their constituents to defend our Constitution and the Republic... too, resist the overreach of the federal government and its unconstitutional dictates/mandates.  They need to expel every federal agent demanding they first obtain his permission to operate in his jurisdiction.  The National Sheriff's associations need to organize a legal fund and establish standard policy and means that can be used to defend their constituent's constitutional rights, against the federal government's overreach... suggested lesser magistrate doctrines and tactics such as the use of lawful nullification and anti-commandeering tactics to remove unlawful federal incursions into the Sheriff and States Jurisdiction...

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