• There are times I suspected some of whom I thought were patriots were Trump deniers always ready to air shadow negatives. Hopefully they were instead simply those with slight disagreements. I seriously doubt they would be able to sway anyone here in an effort to undermine Trump.

    • No, not to sway, but to cause disagreement, choosing sides, and lose focus of the important things arguing over nothing......wasting time, that's what trolls do, cause chaos.

  • They will pay for their evilness, maybe not in this world but look out for the next

  • Can't wait until the November elections when we take over the House and the Senate -then in January, the fun begins.  Biden will be able to do nothing but sit and eat his ice cream.  Just ask any Democrat, are you better off now?????  That will shut them up in a hurry.

    • I hope you are right and we take over.
      I wonder why the left doesn't tend to be concerned that most of America doesn't agree with them. They are losing blacks and Hispanics by high numbers.......yet they aren't  changing their tune. Why? Are they looking to commit political suicide, or do they have the fix in and they know like they did with the halfwit that they will win no matter what?

    • If we do not throw the demigods and the communist bedfellows out of office in November we are doomed. What has happened in the past two years will not measure up to the destruction that will await us.

    • All the elected office holders in just one fell swoop does not look possible. 

      But a chilling effect on their arrogance will occur with the loss of political control of certain government organs, particularly the House, and consequently, the Oval office, Justice Dept., FBI, CIA , and now the IRS.

      Trumps re-election future intention to wholesale clear out bureaucracies promises great effect.

      The NWO has now committed to a timeline that is not easily resettable, because they are now exposed and open for prosecution. 

      Their agenda is like a giant boulder being rolled up the hill to the peak. If they lose momentum, the boulder will reverse direction, roll back and crush them (to my ardent cheers).

    • You are correct, it takes time to vote them all out, not all are coming up for re-election at the same time.

      I can't wait to get rid of Rob Portman in Ohio for one, but unfortunately that is only one.



  • We will see.......the support behind him is gigantic, bigger than this country has ever seen,  but the leftists are fighting hard, they have their trolls all over trying to make us infight, cause doubt about the man who can save this country!

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