• Whoa, I never said Trump's followers blindly follow.  If anything and, if you bother to research you will see Trump changes positions and adopts positions to gain followers, which OBTW doesn't upset me.  That's what politicians need to do and should do wheever possible.

      Now to further clarify:  not to worry means Trump doesn't take positions that alienate his followers.  He markets his own popularity.  He recognized his mistake (I'm betting) and it won't be difficult to moderate whatever position it was he seemed to have to blundered into.  He just spoke without thinking.  The crowd didn't want to hear anything supportive of vaccination.  I think Trump was trying to make a reasonable statement, but some (got it? some) of his supporters, the same people who will continue to blindly support him, if he were to shoot someone in the middle of 5th ave., well they aren't the most sophisticated, or as mentally agile as some of us might hope.

      You should worry because Trump proved himself not tracking in real time what the supporters are feeling.  There is only one honest and poitically sensible remark one can make about the vacination that doesn't allow for misinterpertation.  It is an honest position and a responsible one.  It should be; Everyone has to make their own decision about vaccinated based on their particular circumnstances are.   Vaccine should not and can not be mandated.  The crowd would have cheeered that.  BTW Trump was so upset and questioning what went wrong he phoned up O'Reilly who predictably gave him bum advice.  So it has been reported.

      As for when and where this happened, earlier this week, I think, while on tour, giving speeches and appearances with O'Reilly.  It was all over social media.  When anyone in politics makes such an obvious blunder what they are really doing is handling a shovel to the opposition with which to hit them over the head, which I sure they will be doing for quite some time now.


  •   Salvatiuon Army goes woke!

    I worked in this NGO, public sector industry on and off spanning a 45 year period.  Once in the early 70's for about four years and once in the mid nineties for about three years.  I've got a good basic understanding and some solid insights not only about the industry itself, (and rest assured it is indeed an industry) but also into the psychology of the people, the movers and shakers who populate this sector.  
    Today it's the Salvation Army, which has seemed to abandoned its principles and whatever it was everyone once thought was their mission statement.  This is what few people understand.  These people have no principles, no mission statement whatsoever. 

    These people have an existential need to justify themselves.  They are like lobster cleaning the ocean floor.  They don't do it as they like to pretend, out of any ultraistic, urge, humanistic impulse, or spiritual generosity.  They do what they do practicing it as, if it were a religion because they have to do it.  It is a compulsion driven by their world view and deeper psychological needs.  Like the lobster bottom feeder, they need the carrion to survive.
    This business of being shocked, or outraged, at feeling betrayed is perfectly understandable until you reflect on who and what these individuals and institutions who you are actually dealing with are.  You see, there's been a sea change in America.  The old value system that made the "Sally" what it was, has just gone out with the tide.  The new value system with respect to the Salvation Army is now being constructed to adapt to funding sources that require compliance and conformance.  It is what will be required to continue receiving the funding necessary to support the infrastructure. 
    Salvation Army going ‘woke’ with anti-racism document
    The Salvation Army, best known for its red kettle donation stands at Christmas, has released a racial reconciliation curriculum urging its members to…
  • Due to the fact the process of "Herd Immunity" was interrupted via unstable, inefficient vaccines, the original virus was allowed multiple, continuing mutations ultimately leading to a Vaccine/Treatment Resistant Virus with a Mortality Rate of 65%+.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • That's what viruses do, they mutate! Shot, no shot, they change!
      This virus is very treatable if the medical industry decides to use already existing treatments that actually work. I'm not seeing the mortality rate at 65%+, the cure can be 99.9% if they decide to cure!

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  • This administration is the deah of truth. Welcome, Satan!

  • I wonder if she would choke to death if she ever spoke a word of truth

    • People like the Red Head demon, Psaki, lie even when the truth would serve them better.  She is a pathological liar.

    • Janet, I'm sure she would choke to death on even the thought of speaking truth and they would fire her, or kill her, if she should ever speak truth but I don't believe the truth is in her.  She is just as satanic as the rest of them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait, I thought the the Vaxxines were the be-all and end-all of "medical science", capable of destroying every virus known to mankind or womankind...are they admitting that the Vaxxx doesn't protect the  Vaxxxined from all dangers of "germy viruses" world wide? Could it be that the "medical sicence break through" has another of discrimination, class identification, control, fostering a big lie, corrupting the truth? Could it be that Brandon and his mouthpiece, Jen...may be making all this up? Now, ask yourself, would Jen lie to U.S.???

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