• More people who are vaccinated are hospitalized, but I'm not sure how the vaccination causes more cases. Eleborate on that please, maybe I'm overlooking something. 

    • ilona, the fake vaccines don't prevevt contraction or transmission of the virus and cause problems that kill or hospitalize people.  I believe that is what Herbert was referring to.


  • LOLOL!!!  This woman is hopeless. She is one of those College-Indoctrinated Liberals who THINK they are smarter than everyone else, but in reality, are hopelessly IGNORANT. NEVER confuse Education with Intelligence, folks.

  • If ugly came by the quart, Paski could fill Lake Michigan! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I would like to see her cope with a full room of reporters like Hannity, Carlson, etc. 

  • Those Dems do spread joy don't they?

  • Jen Pissaki is a willing liar.  She knows what she is spewing is not true, but she dosen't care.  She is the worst sort of filth.  

  • Jen meant to say the vaccinated will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths.


  • Biden the Night King with his administration of White Walkers and his message of death. He is so depressing. What a loser he is. Don't let him spoil this Christmas/Holiday season.

  • This is one of the most condesending members of this administration.

    How about the sick after they took the SHOT?


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