• And when the other 7 BILLION people show up at our doorstep????

  • These kids are nothing but door-openers for their parents and grandparents. What kind of people send their kids on that trip ALONE, not knowing if they will make it, or what will happen to them on the way? This is on THEM, not America. Put them all on buses and take them back to Mexico or wherever they came from, and let THEIR governments take care of them! We have our OWN hungry, abused, and impoverished kids in America, and they must come FIRST! We are not the World's Police or Daycare Center.

  • Biden is one tumor of the cancer that has been killing our nation. There are so many that it is systemic.

  • the Biden administration is a sick administration.

    • The Democrats are a sick party.

  • So... after they get out of cages who takes care of them? Only some come with a relative or have anyone waiting. Teen boys join gangs. That’s their fate. But what of all the rest? 

    • How many get sold nas sex slaves. Oh.We won't talk about that. Dems. love their Pedos you know!


  • yeah, they are in cages, the reason this was stopped in 2017 was that this problem was over and they were humanly staying in Mexico who wonders what happend and why Biden messed it all up, remember Biden openly invited them all to come here, their is video of this and these reporters are tossing more softball questions. What a farce. Mainstream media is more of a terroroist organazation than someone that reports the news, every word here is just to anger anyone with an IQ of a shoe size/  LIARS LIARS LIAR, all of them

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