• I am an American and I love my country!  I am sick and tired of this blaming everything on the WHITES  and WHITE supremacy!  I would like to remind Jen Psaki that is was WHITE AMERICANS  THAT FOUGHT TO END SLAVERY!  IT WAS THE WHITE AMERICANS WHO FOUGHT AND DIED TO END SALVERY!  IT WAS CALLED THE CIVIL WAR!  Her and people like her are trying to start another civil war by failing to remember our history of the Civil War and the many strides we have accomplished since then to improve the conditions of ALL Americans.  She is doing nothing more than reciting the talking points of  Communist China.  She is a fool and should be fired! 

  • If that is the case she needs to be gone.  

  • She wouldn't know a racist if he, she kissed her square on the lips.

  • Just like the true communist monsters they are, they always accuse the innocent of what they themselves do.

  • Pathetic mouthpiece tool.

  • Psaki needs to go and the Ambassador also needs to be fired.  They must be giving Psaki drugs because she cannot be that stupid.  I do not care if the Ambassador is a black or what color she is, if she said that America is a racists country, she needs to be fired immediately.  No Question.

  • She must think that the way to bring a nation together like we used to be is to call all whites RACIST. Wonder if she has looked in the mirroe lately. She would see a WHITE RACIST

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