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Rep. Bennie Thompson, the January 6th Commission Chairman, threw his support behind a secessionist group called the Republic of New Afrika (RNA), an unearthed video has revealed.

According to Just The News, Thompson uttered support for the guerilla warfare secessionist group who attempted to take control of several U.S. states in exchange for peace with law enforcement throughout the 20th century.

Thompson’s advocacy on behalf of the RNA has been well documented in newspaper clippings, video footage, FBI and local law-enforcement archives. From this evidence, Thompson has been found to blame law enforcement for instigating violence that led to the murder of police officers and brutal attacks on an FBI agent while in contact with RNA group members.

The RNA has threatened guerilla warfare in the United States since its founding in 1968. The group has been linked to two shootouts: one in New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, and one in Jackson, MS, where two bombs were found inside of a house raided by the FBI. During the second raid, one officer was killed, with a second wounded along with an FBI agent.

After these violent incidents, Thompson sided with the RNA. He went so far as to suggest law enforcement should allow the group to proliferate despite their violent methods. Of the FBI actions against the RNA, he said, “I believe this is an attempt on part of law enforcement officials to stop the Republic from building its community.”

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  • I have a solution.  If this is true, he needs to be arrested, put in jail, tried, and put in prison for life for treason agains the United States.

    • To arrest a President he must first be IMPEACHED ... according to the DOJ a sitting President can not be arrested.  We are working against a corrupt DOJ and AG... an equally corrupt Judiciary.  Therefore our hands are tied and we must first IMPEACH JOE BIDEN before indicting and trying him for his crimes.  However, with the Democrats holding the Majority and there being little difference between either party... it is highly unlikely that Biden would ever be Impeached and even more unlikely that he would be convicted upon trial for Impeachment.

  • Yes Richard, you are absolutely correct! Now show us the way. Please.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Solutions always begin with ones own self. The political machine runs on funds extorted from the persons they say they want to represent. Do not support any intrenched politician with your money. Support persons with a winning track record not just a lot of unfilled promises. Also form a group which you can expand to spread your beliefs. The tea party was one of these groups but it seems it has lost its effectivness. Lets try to revitalize it.

  • Colonel, Instead of always "We Need", it would be refreshing to read, " This is how." Problems are always apparent for everyone. Solutions are rare, unique and valuable.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The phrase 'We need' is followed by the additional phrase: 'TO DO'... Taken in context, the whole thought reads... We need to do... followed by a suggested action. 

      It is very disingenuous and some may say dishonest... to report another's words out of context.  Anyone wanting to know my opinion or suggested solutions to the problems under discussion need only to read MY POSTS. 

      It is always best to read the source and not someone's commentary.

  • Just can't make this s**it up, can you?

  • Every now and then the government of a Nation needs to be removed, thier finances investigated and made to show how they obtained their wealth legally. This Naton needs this action now. Term limits now.

    • We need a RECALL and TERM LIMITS AMENDMENT... recall all of the sitting government... elected and appointed officials subject to new elections and appointments.  Establish Term Limits... one term, 6yrs, with 1/3 rd of the government standing for election an appointment every 2yrs... include all judges and political appointees in the one-term limit.

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