Former Defense Secretary Mattis Slams Trump Over Protests | Time

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis declared in an article in Foreign Affairs on Monday that the “America First” foreign policy had damaged national security, and called on Joe Biden to “eliminate ‘America first'” from U.S. strategy.

Mattis resigned in December 2018, citing policy disagreements with the president, who had just ordered a troop drawdown in Syria. In his resignation letter, Mattis said that the U.S. needed to do more to show “respect” to American allies.

In October 2018, then-Secretary Mattis gave a speech in which he said that “when we talk about America first, it’s not America alone.”

In his new article, however, Mattis says the opposite, calling for the “end of America First”:

The United States today is undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly advantageous to U.S. interests, reflecting a basic ignorance of the extent to which both robust alliances and international institutions provide vital strategic depth. In practice, “America first” has meant “America alone.” That has damaged the country’s ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory and has thus compounded the danger emergent threats pose.

In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate “America first” from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades. The best strategy for ensuring safety and prosperity is to buttress American military strength with enhanced civilian tools and a restored network of solid alliances—both necessary to achieving defense in depth. The pandemic should serve as a reminder of what grief ensues when we wait for problems to come to us.

Mattis also says that while the greatest threat America faces today comes from China, the U.S. should seek greater peace, not confrontation. He calls for cooperation with China “in areas of overlapping interests, such as pandemic response, climate change, and nuclear security.”

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  • RIGHT ON !!!!!

  • America first and NWO / OWG are incompatible

  • James Mattis is a disgract to his uniform as a 4 star general in the Marines!  How many Americans have fought and died for our freedoms and our country.  They did not fight for a global world.  It is for America they fought.  And  It is because that President Trump fought to make America first that our country has been a beacon of light to all who wish to be here.  Mattis should hide his head in shame! 

  • Jerk. Traitor. He should be in prison for treason.

  • China organized and is leading a trade agreement among Pacific nations compromising 1/3 of world trade. The US under Trump showed real leadership by focusing on America First. Check the trade deficit. Trump got control over it because he focuses on America first. Why abandon this succeessful policy?

  • The defense in depth... is a key Russian Military strategy...  only a Marine or Navy Academy grad like Jimmy Carter would come up with such a strategic plan... less is better, America last.

  • Mattis is an idiot. A strong America is all we have left to hang on to. If we're not getting taken down from within. We're holding off north Korea and China. Now is not the time to lead from behind.

    • How I agree with your first sentence......the Free World depends on America and if we are not strong the rest of the world is weakened.



    • I agree with you

  • " Cooperation with China, in areas of overlapping interests, such as pandemic response, climate change, and nuclear security"?

    And this guy, this ignorant idiot, suggests cooperation with a communist country hell bent on the destruction of the United States?  What a fraud he is. A phony first class.

    If America isn't first, then who is?  Hey, Mattis. who do you think China puts first? And was the China-virus an act of cooperation?  Get your head out of your stupid ass.

This reply was deleted.