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  • Rocky, it won't be a war. First of all, Trump will win in another landslide in November and carry the House & the Senate with him. Second, if there is shooting, we easily outgun the anti-2A snowflakes. 

  • If something physical, by the Trump administration,  isn't done soon this may REALLY turn into a shooting war

  • This is mob mentality, no one is truly thinking things through anymore

  • Black supremacists are the worst enemy within. They need to be purged from our soil. 

    • Correction, Liberal Supremacists are the worst enemy within. 

      As are the Goebbelists!

  • this take over is swift; we have to be swifter and decisive in action, not words!!!!

  • black lives matter NO more or NO less than ALL OTHER LIVES, PERIOD!

    • Black Lives matter in Africa!!

    • Heard a talk show host they should be called "Black Fathers Matter."

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