• What is Mindy's source on this?  

  • Where are the videos?

  • SCOTUS, Military, FBI,CIA, Congress, DOJ, ALL media outlets, Big Tech, are  all corrupt & part of the steal. NO ONE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE. 

  • Time to take legal action time for the Supreme Court take action and defend the law of the land time to stand to the Constitution of the United States and say with a loud voice no political party is above the American people 

  • The people caught committing crimes related to voter fraud are employees of the Democratic Party. These criminals definitely need to be prosecuted. The problem is that any attempt at prosecution winds up in a court system dominated by liberals/progressives. Unless we are able to put the justice system back onto level ground, these problems will worsen to the point where we no longer have elections.

    Once again the obvious question: WHY does the Supreme Court have no interest in getting to the TRUTH?


  • Do tell.......Cheshire Cat Face - ClipArt Best

  • Prosecute where the "Crimes" occurred and the Public can force the "Issue!" In other words, bring the offenders to Justice in the "Red Areas" and Fill the MEDIA. Forget the "Blue Areas" unless One finds pleasure enjoying pounding Ones' Head against a Wall!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Sadly non of our elected leaders has the STONES to do anything about this.

    • Because they all have crap on each other!

  • Don't do anything illegal if your a conservative or you'll find yourself setting in jail; probably without a trial; if your a liberal or democrat go for it.  There hasn't been any f***ing accountability in this country in 15 years and even then all they did was went after the little fish

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