CTU Loses Credibility Blaming Push For Reopening School On Racism |  Chicago, IL Patch

In Democrat-run cities across America, teachers are demanding priority access to vaccines and refusing to return to their classrooms. The big fights are in Chicago, Montclair (New Jersey), and California, where the teachers are insisting on working only from home. Other school systems have only partial in-class teaching (e.g., Texas, Florida, and New York). Conservatives are reflexively pushing for a return to classroom teaching, but perhaps they should push in the other direction: Let’s end public schools entirely.

Before I go any further, I’d better apologize to those readers who are intelligent, dedicated teachers who do not think theirs is the hardest job in the world, that they receive the lowest salary of any employee ever, or that they are uniquely vulnerable to the Wuhan virus despite evidence that classrooms are not dangerous virus spreaders. This post is not about you. This post is about teachers who use their classrooms to indoctrinate the captive young people in their charge with leftist values.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is engaged in an epic battle with the teachers’ union to try to force them back into schools. So far, the teachers are winning with remote “learning” extended for at least two more days – and with the City having backed down from its threat to lock computer teaching access for those teachers who don’t return to their classrooms. In California, teachers' unions are refusing to re-open schools until every single teacher is vaccinated.

The reason that teachers can take this stand is that they’re still getting their paychecks. While non-government workers are desperate to get back on the job so that they can buy food and shelter their families, teachers keep getting their paychecks even as students languish at home, isolated, alienated, depressed, and suicidal.

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  • unions are part of the communist plot to destroy America, helped along by the devildemocommie crats!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fire them. Someone will want their job...............................See how that works? Nobody is inexpendable. Take that class!!!  Real life lessons they never taught me in school-101

  • Not all schools have unions. The heads of the sne are the Boards that direct the Presidents or the Principal of the school. They need to see actual community outrage for forcing msrxust agendas down the throats of everyone, including faculty. We need to mandate that schools are ked by founding principles, including but not limited to the Declaration with equality for all.

    • Right. Many public employees have very powerful unions while there are hardly any strong unions in the private sector these days. Public employees from teachers to public employees in general to firemen to policemen enjoy very, very strong unions. Try to fire or even reprimand a public employee!

  • Teachers are public employees and therefore work for we the people. We need to break up the strong unions that way too many public employees still belong to. They need to answer to we the people, not to their unions.

  • Fire ALL the teachers who refuse to go to work like Pres. Regan fired all the air traffic controllers for refusing to go to work!!

    • Evelyn, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  !!!!!!!!!!

    • Not only did he fire all the Air Traffic Controllers, President Regan decertified the Union!  That should happen to the Teachers Union, BUT it won't happen as long as the demoncraps are in charge!  The demoncraps are baught and sold by the NEA!


  • Never let a crisis go to waist! This is an actual crisis people! ...and a perfect opportunity to push in every direction - 1. break the union (if at least put a chink in its armor) - complete obolishment of them alltogether since they are a clear conflict of interest against the taxpayer and parents; 2. push for all other options so a more compeditative system exists (this is the 'fair' solution - notice the keyword 'fair' to use); 3. fire the teachers that don't comply and blacklist or revoke their teaching licenses. two cents...

  • It's time to stop this mess. Our children are losing out. How will our children be able to compete in the global work space. It's time to implement school choice. The public school system is failing and there is no recovery. Let's support the children and family.

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