It's Our Turn Now: Resist


Now that the Democrats won't have Donald Trump to kick around anymore, they'll do it anyway, if for no other reason than to keep your eyes off their extremism.

While President Joe Biden is talking about "unity and compromise," the leftist machine is still obsessing over Trump (by design) and demonizing and silencing his supporters. Leftists don't want unity and compromise, which has been clear since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. They want total control and submission.

Their strategy is to keep the spotlight on Trump to continue to capitalize on the week from hell during which the D.C. riots occurred, milking from it every last ounce of negativity to discredit and neuter the MAGA movement. Meanwhile, Biden and his handlers are conducting the American freight train leftward at full throttle.

Our job is to counter their propaganda and resist every leftist executive order and policy initiative with as much force as Democrats resisted Trump from day one -- not for payback, not to be petty but for the good of the nation and our fellow citizens.

Progressive media outlets are beside themselves with glee; they feel empowered to renew their push to dismantle America as founded and use their fascist social media allies to implement their radicalism.

CNN blissfully reported, "President Joe Biden is finalizing 17 executive moves just hours after his inauguration Wednesday, moving faster and more aggressively to dismantle his predecessor's legacy than any other modern president." Likewise, The New York Times glowed, writing, "In 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations signed hours after his inauguration, President Biden moved swiftly on Wednesday to dismantle Trump administration policies his aides said have caused the 'greatest damage' to the nation."

Does that sound like an agenda of unity and compromise? Aren't you tired of disingenuous rhetoric from politicians? Biden is pretending with one hand that he is unifying and compromising while using his other to misrepresent and vilify Trump's record.

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    • A really thorough research project would likely reveal Obama should have NEVER been elected.  He was ineligible to run for  president of this country. I expect he was NOT born here. I expect he was the "Manchurian Candidate" so to speak. He was sent to urge on a major however relatively quiet revolution and he did just that. 

    • He not only was an illigitimate president he was an illigitimate birth. His daddy already had a wife in Kenya when he married Barrys mother. So that made him a bigamast. So that marriage wasn't even legal. That makes Barry an illigitimate child. Also, his own granny said she was there at his birth in Kenya. They shut her up real fast but she had already said it. But they swept it under the rug. He wasn't even vetted for eligibility to run for president. Nancy Pelosi went to bat for him and said he was okay. She's crooked as a cats azz! 

    • I agree! He was definitely born in Kenya, married Michael & thus didn't have ANY kids. Those two girls mother is a Doctor in Chicago. It was ALL a Ploy by Daddy Sorry Ass Soros!!

    • I always thought it was strange how we never saw any pictures of Michelle in the hospital after the so called birth of the daughters. Also there are no pics of the girls when they were little tots. They pulled off the biggest fraud in history on the US in more ways than one. Someday the truth will come out and the Dems will have a lot of egg on their faces.

    • So I, for one think we've been gaslighted for decades and decades. They have set up a false narrative, or perhaps more than that a false reality. We've based our own voting and other decisions based on those lies. Every thinking person should be outraged.  However if they are they'll be labeled "domestic terrorists" and stand a good chance of facing imprisonment or worse.  The ONLY hope is to defeat them and I don't know exactly how to do that nicely.

    • Glenn, I am with you on that. The only problem is that sorass, bezass of Amazon, etc made $1 trillion with the Chinese hoax of a virus while we the people are struggling. Now they have even more money to screw the US. They want to destroy our way of life for we the people because the American way does not serve them well. They want to loot the country with impunity. 

    • I have said, and written since he was nominated that he was ineligible but devildemocommiecrats, the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists, and their idiot voters don't care.  their voters are too stupid to understand that they will suffer just as much under tyranny as the rest of us!!!!!  harris isn't eligible either but their lust for power and disdain for the Constitution override everything.  Their lust for wealth and power will cause them an eternity of suffering but they don't believe in God either!!!!!

  • Don't believe anything you hear from CNN (Communist News Nitwits) because the CIA control them! The Patriots should fight these Treasonous Maggots (Dems.) & treat them like they did Trump for 4 yrs.! See how they like getting their Camels kicked around! 

    • There is close to NOTHING on TV you can believe. It's working to create and feed a competely false narative. It's like having someone read  you a story. It's fabricated and the Left tries to sell it as reality.  The reaility is they are suceeding.

    • Valerie, I only watch OANN.  They are conservative and can be trusted like fox used to be.

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