It's Our Turn Now: Resist


Now that the Democrats won't have Donald Trump to kick around anymore, they'll do it anyway, if for no other reason than to keep your eyes off their extremism.

While President Joe Biden is talking about "unity and compromise," the leftist machine is still obsessing over Trump (by design) and demonizing and silencing his supporters. Leftists don't want unity and compromise, which has been clear since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. They want total control and submission.

Their strategy is to keep the spotlight on Trump to continue to capitalize on the week from hell during which the D.C. riots occurred, milking from it every last ounce of negativity to discredit and neuter the MAGA movement. Meanwhile, Biden and his handlers are conducting the American freight train leftward at full throttle.

Our job is to counter their propaganda and resist every leftist executive order and policy initiative with as much force as Democrats resisted Trump from day one -- not for payback, not to be petty but for the good of the nation and our fellow citizens.

Progressive media outlets are beside themselves with glee; they feel empowered to renew their push to dismantle America as founded and use their fascist social media allies to implement their radicalism.

CNN blissfully reported, "President Joe Biden is finalizing 17 executive moves just hours after his inauguration Wednesday, moving faster and more aggressively to dismantle his predecessor's legacy than any other modern president." Likewise, The New York Times glowed, writing, "In 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations signed hours after his inauguration, President Biden moved swiftly on Wednesday to dismantle Trump administration policies his aides said have caused the 'greatest damage' to the nation."

Does that sound like an agenda of unity and compromise? Aren't you tired of disingenuous rhetoric from politicians? Biden is pretending with one hand that he is unifying and compromising while using his other to misrepresent and vilify Trump's record.

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  • The fake president talks about unity only if you agree with him,he is so wrong we are not cowards like the Republicans we have in Congress, but their days are number they will be removed from office next election a new Republican Party is coming.

    • the republikrats aren't cowards they are complicit in TREASON!!!!!  antifa and blm can riot, loot, burn, and murder but if a conservative objects to tyranny it is a crime!!!!!

    • No more elctions Lorenzo.The theft of this one PROVED IT!..........Armageddon here we come. THANKS DEMOCRATS!!!


    • Phil, you are right. Fair elections are a thing of the past. I am out for sure. Who wants to vote just to legitimize a rigged election with high voter turnout?

    • Time for a repeat of this but on a national level. Sic Semoer Tyrannis..................EVERY FRIGGING ONE OF THEM!!!!


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  • "Our job is to counter their propaganda and resist every leftist executive order and policy initiative with as much force as Democrats resisted Trump from day one -- not for payback, not to be petty but for the good of the nation and our fellow citizens."

    Those are given actions in a multi-pronged approach. The Biden Administrations expeditious removal, deserving no benefit of doubt,  is a priority following his banana republic inauguration in his first week of occupation.

    But I think a realignment from the grass roots up is our true job. The deliberate insistant dereliction to Presidential election Constitutional redress, by participating state and federal government organs, shows that where strategic determination was to be had, THESE ACTORS DID NOT ACT, IN AN INSISTANCE TO AVOID REALITY.

    The fix was in and nothing was to be allowed to interfere with the intended 2020 vote result, unlike the 2016 upset.

    Compromised by extortion or graft, corrupted individuals and institutions stalled any attempt by the incumbent to redress significant documented fraud. 

    The compromised Deep State entities range from SCOTUS, to state and the Federal legislatures and their executives violating state and Constitutional law by improperly conducting their Constitutional election duties, from local voting standard monitors, to the unwitting complicity of USPS in accepting inflated volumes of fraud ballots, to the acceptence and use of voting machines networked illegally to the Internet, with a 68% ballot rejection rate (permitting arbitrary manager hand entry of ballot votes) exceeding the .0008% standard, and apparently our military leadership that would not support their Commander in Chiefs bid to employ actions based on E.O.13848 or the Insurrection act.

    We cannot simply accept a defensive role, upon which a messege of dismay, and learned helplessness will be propogated. We thankfully have Constitutionally-listed, privately-owned teeth to bite the Tyrant with (that it will want to pull for its' own safeties sake) to protect us now from greater direct action. For now.

    We must take back control of our states. This means the Covid-farce civil rights lockdowns must cease, being patently malicious. From plainly common interest and safety, the rebellious Federal government can then be faced.

    The eight years (2008-2016) of the international financiers intended Obama economic takedown of our Country cannot be tolerated again. The instigators use the scientific method in their actions. They may believe they learned enough to get it right this time.

    Considering Federal issues, a Convention of States is needed more than ever. IMHO

    • I agree with everything your post covers.  If we had witnessed ANY Leftists held to account for their criminality I would be optimstic about any measure to stop, block, or defeat the outrageous offense against our REPUBLIC conducted by the communist Left who are the enemy of these United States, So infiltrated are we there was none. We have ceded and accepted illegalities up to including the recent 2020 Presidential Election.  One person cannot by himself recetify the insults to our cherished foundational principles to include the Rule of Law.  We are watching the continuation of an illegal invasion started years ago.  We are watching cut-throat criminals being released on the American population.  We have watched our cities being burned and criminally vandalized in the name of "peaceful" protests. We did nothing. A primary player in this scenario is George Soros (not even his actual name) and he contues his evil work without fear of accountability. Why?     Yes, I am discouraged to say the least and with solid evidence of accepted, continuing and growing offenses these United States.  I see this with the awareness of what we have paid in the way of tremendous sacrafice we have paid for the REPUBLIC and the liberty it stands for.  Personally I see this as a betrayal of that human sacrafice.  We owe and owe heavily in their memory.  I am a senior citizen the changes I have seen in more recent times is shocking to me. I pray each night that we still are in some way "One Nation Under God,"  because we certainly need his help.


  • 75 million votes? Why don't you say it correctly? It should be "at least 75 million votes".

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