When the media talks about the Black Lives Matters protests, it focuses only on the demand that American cities abolish the police. What the media doesn’t mention is that Black Lives Matter, which has partnered with Antifa, is a radical organization that wants change that goes far beyond ending law enforcement in America. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has done Americans a great favor by putting together a list of demands that, subject to one intelligent exception, wants Seattle (and, by extension, America) to be a socialist society that revolves around protecting criminals and elevating race.

CHAZ has already put together a well-organized website that includes praise from international communists. There’s also a page entitled “The Demands Of The Collective Black Voices At Free Capitol Hill To The Government Of Seattle, Washington.” This manifesto is organized into “demands” (the word "demand" is always bolded and in red font) for the Seattle justice system, its economy, health and human services, and education.

The website claims that the demands represent statements from the blacks assembled in CHAZ on June 8. The following is a streamlined version of the wordy manifesto: 

  • Justice System Demands
    • Abolish the police, ICE, and the criminal justice system.
    • Disarm the police entirely (including batons, riot shields, etc.) in the lead-up to their abolition.
    • Remove police from schools and school-aged people from jails.
    • Have the federal government (note: currently controlled by their arch-enemy, Donald Trump) launch an investigation into Seattle’s and Washington’s police brutality, especially concerning Iosia Faletogo (armed and resisting arrest), Damarius Butts (armed robbery and shooting at police), Isaiah Obet (armed robbery with knife and carjacking), Tommy Le (terrorizing a neighborhood, Tasers ineffective, thought to be armed with a knife, although it proved to be a pen), Shaun Fuhr (armed, beat his girlfriend for hours before kidnapping her child), and Charleena Lyles (mentally ill woman who came at police with a knife).
    • Give reparations to victims of police brutality.
    • Publicize the names of police accused of brutality.
    • Retry all “People of Color” currently in prison.
    • Decriminalize any crimes committed during “ ‘The George Floyd Rebellion’ against the terrorist cell that previously occupied this area known as the Seattle Police Department.”
    • Release all prisoners with marijuana convictions.
    • Release all people imprisoned solely for the crime of resisting arrest.
    • Give felons the right to vote.
    • Immediately end prosecutorial immunity for police officers.
    • End all prisons generally, especially juvenile jails and for-profit prisons.
    • Replace prison with “restorative/transformative accountability programs.”
    • Give people the authority to create “localized anti-crime systems.”
    • The Seattle PD should give its “lost and found” property to the people.
    • Justice should be given to people that the Seattle PD or Washington prison guards sexually harassed or abused.
    • Police body cameras should always be on and available as public records.
    • Current police funding should go to socialized medicine, free housing, smaller class sizes, higher teacher salaries, and naturalizing all illegal aliens. 
  • Economic demands
    • De-gentrify Seattle (including rent control)
    • Restore funding for the arts.
    • Make college free, especially for blacks, as a form of reparations.
    • Until the Seattle PD is disbanded, no more “homeless sweeps.”
    • Make it easier for dispossessed people to run as candidates in elections.
  • Health and Human Services Demands
    • Staff medical centers with black doctors and nurses for black patients.
    • Require Seattle citizens to support black-owned businesses.
    • Seattle must create a mental health system for responding to 911 calls about mental health crises.
  • Education System Demands
    • Washington schools must teach more black and Native American history.
    • All teachers, medical professionals, and mass media outlets must get anti-bias training.
    • Seattle and Washington must remove all confederate monuments.

Most of the above demands, aside from being radical, are also ridiculous. Within hours of CHAZ’s establishment, the same group that demands an end to the existing criminal justice system (police, courts, and prisons) submitted itself to a strongman with guns

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  • Most of the demands above are racist and will lead to the elimination of white participation in government... White flight will quadruple and Seatle will become one big ghetto.

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