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  • Is the U.N. also in our country? Check this video. These arm trucks look like they are painted white. Only the U.N. paints their vehicles white.

  • SCOTUS is worse than useless. It is derelict to enable sedition.

    The Chief Justice wears his ringed guilt for all to see.

  • An old 1960s anti-war talking point, 

    What of you held a war and nobody came?

    Standing soldiers with no purpose indicate stupid leaders and a waste of time.

    Besides, if and when the People act en masse, they shall prudently pick their time and place, not the Deep State.

  • If you need inspration watch this:

    • Paul I would like to watch this, BUT I watch or read NOTHING on twitter.


    • Great place to collect video though. Otherwise, you are right.

  • President Trump said he would clean the swamp and build a wall!

  • Wouldn't is be wonderful if all those troops SUDDENLY arested all the high ranking DEMONcrats that will be at the inaugration!!!

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